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Unwind and Decompress!

Stress and anxiety can seem overwhelming these days so its important to take time to yourself. Sometimes we need to unwind and decompress from all of life’s difficulties! Make that easy with the help of these stress-free products!

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Buddha Board

The Buddha Board is an easy way to unwind and decompress after a long day! Even if you only have 15 minutes, you can work towards a state of zen. Watch your anxieties disappear alongside the evaporating brush strokes and fill up your cup with relaxation so you can meet your day or evening with a clear mind.

Starting at $17.95, available at & Amazon


Be able to de-stress with a customized plush toy ! Check out Budsies! A custom plush that can be made to look just like your family member, friend, colleague, partner, etc. Budsies are custom made by artisans to get every detail for the perfect custom plush!

Starting at $99, (ShareASales & Skimlinks)


Sensate is the first portable, palm-sized device designed to help you naturally regulate your stress & anxiety responses so you can boost your stress resilience and simply be more yourself. By using sonic frequencies to soothe your nervous system, it teaches your body to relax in as few as 10 minutes a day. From racing thoughts to sleepless nights, users have seen better results than anything else they’ve tried

$249, available at & Amazon


While at home pull out your couchmaster and get comfy! The Couchmaster represents nothing less than a true revolution in gaming. With the smart CYCON2, you can game in a relaxed position at home on the sofa, or even in your bed. The generous couch gaming desk can be used for input devices as well as with a notebook. The Couchmaster CYCON2 is versatile and can be used perfectly with a PC, Mac, notebook or game console. Learn more at

$179, Available at


Clear your mind by taking a shower using Cleverfy’s shower steamers ! They are the best shower steamers that smell so incredible, feel so therapeutic, have nature-identical fragrance, and REAL flower petals. The steamers come in packs of 6 individually wrapped shower steamers. Change your shower ritual and feel good after with these packed natural essential oils that will delight your mind, body, & soul!

$18.99, available at & Amazon

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