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FOX 5 San Diego - Gear to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions!

2024 is only a few days away and who doesn’t want to start the new year feeling their best? Our very own Danica from chatted with FOX 5 San Diego, to tell us about 5 health and wellness must-haves to keep you feeling your best in 2024.

MIVA Recovery

Check out the genius MIVA Recovery! A water bottle & foam roller, ALL-IN-One! The epitome of design meets utility for a 2-in-1 genius solution to hydration and foam rolling. This double-duty bottle with a double-walled steel reservoir not only holds your beverage but also embodies a masseuse's touch, offering a therapeutic massage anytime, anywhere.  Ideal gift for any runners, athletes, yogis, or anyone working out at home or in an exercise class! 

  • The epitome of design meets utility for a 2-in-1 genius solution to hydration and foam rolling!

  • Unique multi-face design mimicking the human hand for targeted messaging

  • Comes in six vibrant colors to suit your style

  • 25 oz capacity, double-walled steel reservoir ensuring your drink stays the right temperature

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Easy access flip straw lid, flexible carrying handle and slim design to fit perfectly in most cup holders

  • The solution for hydration and soothing daily aches and pains all in one!

Price: $49


Get ready to experience a whole new way to enjoy self care! Created by two amazing women, RE:CHI products are doctor formulated tea blends that are intended for daily self care (tea options for sleep, digestion, energy and immunity)! Rooted in ancient living wisdoms, RE:CHI introduces a holistic approach to wellness, infusing time-honored Eastern philosophies into every sachet of herbs to enhance your modern lifestyle.

  • TCM- known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, doctor formulated, wellness-tonic teas with medicinal properties

  • Savor the richness of 13 grams per tea bag, five times more than the usual 2 grams

  • Herbs are carefully selected with medicinal benefits in mind, an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Four meticulously crafted teas, each promising a unique path to harmonizing your body, mind and spirit and targeted for healing specific parts of your body and mind

  • Choose from RE: Energize, RE: Fresh for digestion, RE: Lax for sleep and RE: Store to boost immunity.

  • All natural ingredients and not lab-synthesized “tea leaves”

Price: $19.99 + $75 for variety of 4 brews 


Sensate gets YOU to “zen-like” tranquility!  Whether it’s that moment of panic when you walk in a room or the jittery feeling you get every flight, it’s time you discover the breakthrough tech that’s taking calm to a whole new level around the globe! Meet Sensate. Designed by a pioneering group of experts in the stress management field, Sensate Infrasound Resonance Technology™ is a wearable, palm-sized device and audio app that tones your vagus nerve, so you can naturally self-regulate your stress responses and find your calm.

  • Calms the fight, flight, or freeze response by toning the Vagus Nerve using soothing infrasonic resonance

  • Reduces stress hormones for healthier skin and less inflammation

  • Conditions the body to self-regulate and manage future stresses

  • Improves sleep quality

  • No effort, training, or experience is needed

  • Takes as little as 10 minutes per day

  • Can be used as part of a daily routine, in the moment, or to calm fears like flying, doctor and dentist visits, and more (holistic treatment to anxiety) 

  • Compact design takes up little space in your purse, pack, or pocket

Price: Starting at $299


TikTok viral, miracle product, with tens of millions of views! Many of us relate to a bad headache or hangover!! “Hung-Over-A-F” is an all-in-one headache solution! Migraines won’t stand a chance with this instant relief, soothing, blackout cap technology, called HungoverAF caps! The gel can be cooled or heated. The cooling application sits snug on places where pain radiates and reduces blood flow to slow inflammation! 

  • HungoverAF caps can be used as cooling gel around the head, eyes, and pressure points, plus heat relief

  • Relieve puffy eyes, cluster headaches, and photosensitivity

  • The cap also blocks out a high percentage of surrounding noises.

  • You can enjoy quiet and blackout without needing to get out of bed to close the curtains or hear your family or friends. 

Price: $31.99-$39.99

DNA Vibe - Jazz Band "Live"

Discover the ultimate self-care with DNA Vibe's "Jazz Band Live." It has four modes that work together - with smart technology with your body to ease stiffness, inflammation, and pain, promoting faster recovery. The device fits perfectly on different body parts for relief anytime, anywhere. It’s portable and wearable and you apply it directly where you need it! Back, neck, knees, elbows, ankles, hands, feet and more).  Strap it to wherever and whenever you crave relief.

  • Trusted by hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes and thousands of clinical therapists to reduce stiffness, inflammation, and pain while accelerating recovery from injury, surgery, or just the daily grind.

  • Unique computer-optimized flex geometry works wherever you crave relief: ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, necks, backs, and more!

  • Four proprietary modes: red light, near-infrared, magnetic pulse, and micro-vibration to deliver exceptional results and soothing relief.

  • Equipped with an available battery pack, car charging outlet, and traditional plug

Price: $279

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