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The Media Has a Runner's High For FlipBelt!

Finally, a secure way to keep your personal items with you while you're out and about exercising or simply on the go in everyday life and with over 20,000 reviews on Amazon the media and consumers are loving FlipBelt. Check out just a few of the amazing features we have secured for our client.

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New York Magazine, The Strategist

"Chris Chavez, founder of the running-commentary website and podcast network Citius Mag, swears by this running belt for carrying his phone and other essentials. “It doesn’t even look like I’m wearing it when it’s over my shorts and under my shirt,” he says." - The Strategist

USA Today, Reviewed

"Runners will appreciate the slim profile of the FlipBelt and with 13 colors to choose from in sizes from XXS to XXL, finding the right one shouldn't be too hard either. Machine washable with a zippered closure to secure your belongings, this fanny pack belt is a hit amongst athletes looking to travel light." - USA Today, Reviewed


"The genius of this belt lies in its simplicity. The FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt doesn’t look like much out of the package — In fact, it kind of resembles a flat tire — but its low-profile design means there are fewer seams and edges to rub against the skin while running." - SPY

Want to experience that runner's high too? Check out FlipBelt and start moving.

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