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NBC Austin - Great Ideas for Summer!

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, so our very own Kelly chatted with NBC Austin to tell us about the season's must-haves.

LANG - TheWell

Needing to quench your thirst as the weather heats up but you don't like tap water's taste and don't want to add to the plastic problem? Say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to water that tastes like it's fresh from an Alpine spring with TheWell from Swiss brand LANG! This 3 step filtration system purifies your tap water and then remineralizes it with all the essential salts, minerals, and flavors your body needs to thrive. They even offer flavored lemon water packs so you can instantly prepare a delicious alternative whenever the mood strikes!

  • Uses reverse osmosis to remove sediment, odors, flavors, and harmful particulates

  • Adds back a balanced blend of healthy, natural minerals!

  • Delivers fresh, great-tasting water with the push of a button

  • Crafted from all-natural ingredients

  • NO sodium

  • Free of microplastics

  • Filters 1L in less than 4 minutes!

  • Fill a 1.5L jar or a single cup at a time

  • Simply plug it in and go

  • NO single-use capsules for the minerals and flavors

Price: $349.90


Summer is coming, which means open windows, nice breezes and bugs! So refresh your screens with the revolutionary FlexScreen – the world’s first and only flexible window screen! These revolutionary screens feature a unique compressible design that makes installation effortless. Simply squeeze, slide into the spot, and let go!

  • The world's first and only flexible window screens

  • Custom made to fit your windows

  • Simply squeeze, slide into the spot, and let go!

    • Takes seconds to install!

  • ZERO hardware required

  • Fits firmly into already existing screen tracks

  • Beautifully invisible!

  • Nearly indestructible

  • Compatible with casement, double-hung, single-hung, slider windows, and more

  • Choose from six different meshes depending on your need (pets, bugs, high UV, better visibility, etc.)

Price: $64.95

Tannenbaum’s Botanical Hot Sauce

You will want this next product for your summer get-togethers. Tannenbaum’s Botanical Hot Sauces are great not only for summer grilling but can also be a great addition to ice cream, cheese, chips and so much more. This botanical hot sauce is made with fruit, herbs, spices, habaneros creating the perfect balance of heat and sweet.

  • Small batch hot sauces with big flavor

  • Gluten free

  • Vegan

  • All natural and you can even pronounce all the ingredients!

  • 5 distinct flavor combinations

    • Red Pepper, Lemon Peel & Smoke Paprika

    • Pineapple, Rosemary & Turmeric

    • Blueberry, Sumac & Cinnamon

    • Strawberry, Mint & Basil

    • Cranberry, Orange Peel & Allspice

Price: 8oz bottle $13.99

Kenneth Cole Footwear Exclusively Available On Amazon

Unlisted Pacey Slide Sandal B

You shouldn't have to choose between comfort, style, or quality when it comes to your footwear. If you're in the market for the best shoes on Amazon, look no further than Kenneth Cole Footwear. Kenneth Cole Footwear Exclusively Available On Amazon offers a wide range of fashion-forward men’s shoe options suitable for any occasion and with their unmatched Prime 2-day shipping you can quickly receive these versatile closet staples that will last for years to come.

  • Shop Kenneth Cole Footwear Exclusively Available

  • The Unlisted Pacey Slide Sandal B comes in Mens US 8-12 in the colors black or brown

  • Take your comfortable sandals with you wherever you go

  • Pair them with shorts, swimwear, or jeans

  • Offers a combination of comfort and stability

  • Flexible rubber outsole provides a durable design

Price: $31.50

SpaLife Beauty

Another great product that you can find on Amazon are the beauty treatments from SpaLife. Your glowing skin will speak for itself this summer with these Top Rated Amazon Beauty Products like this 10-piece spa set that will treat you to a much-needed “me” time without ever stepping into a spa!

10-Piece Spa Set

  • Treat yourself to a much-needed “me” time without ever stepping into a spa!

  • Includes 2 cucumber aloe face masks, 2 avocado vitamin E face masks, 2 pairs of moisturizing hand gloves, 2 pairs of invigorating foot socks, and 2 sets of cuticle nail wraps.

Price: $19.99

Poof! Patch

The weather is warming so that means we will be showing off our summer bodies. Don’t stress about imperfections when you have the Poof! Patch. Created by licensed estheticians they were asking the question why not decorate your pimples, scars, and ingrown hairs while you heal them? These single-ingredient soothing hydrocolloid patches were designed to be healing & soothing body art with 4 shapes for you to place over a blemish so you can heal without hiding.

  • Hydrocolloid patch Infused with Calendula

  • Calendula is antimicrobial and helps with scar reduction from wounds and incisions.

  • Gentle and effective treatment for your skin

  • 4 designs to match your mood

    • Heart, Butterfly, Cat and Moon

  • Waterproof

  • Safe to use on every part of your body

Price: $18 for pack of 32

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