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CW Miami - Must-Have Items for Spring!

Updated: Apr 5

Whether spending time outside or refreshing our home with eco-friendly options there are so many ways to celebrate the spring season. Our very own Kelly from chatted with CW Miami about some must-have items for spring!

Lay & Stay

Summer is around the corner and Lay & Stay is revolutionizing the beach experience with its innovative beach towels and lounge chair bands. Tired of your towel flying away on windy days or constantly readjusting it to stay in place? Lay & Stay has the solution with their custom securing stakes and lounge chair bands, making beach days hassle-free and stylish.

  • Lay & Stay's custom securing stakes keep your towel in place on windy beach days

  • Wide range of towel designs to choose from!

  • Sand-resistant while also being light and compact

  • Lounge chair bands hold your towel in place on loungers and beach chairs

  • Lay & Stay Beach Towel has a patented design

Price: Starting at $15

Bruno’s Place - Bruno’s Pawsitive Dog Coaching Card Game

Inspired by the heartwarming bond between pets and their humans, Bruno's Place introduces an innovative addition to pet training: Bruno's Pawsitive Dog Coaching Card Game.

  • A comprehensive training set with various command levels

  • Encourages bonding and skill-building through engaging gameplay

  • Ideal for all dog owners, regardless of training experience

  • Designed to make training sessions fun and rewarding for both pets and their humans

  • Also can be used as a game to compete with other dogs and dog owners

Price: $22.99


When it comes to staying safe in the ocean, there’s one tool that’s just as important to pack as your sunscreen and sun hats: Sharkbanz! This unique ocean safety device was developed by marine biologists to deter sharks and stingrays so you can swim, surf, dive, and play with confidence. Its patented magnetic technology interrupts sharks’ electroreception–what they use to hunt and navigate, telling them to go swim elsewhere. 

  • Government tested & validated shark deterrent technology which also deters stingrays

  • No batteries or charging required

  • Lightweight and easy to wear

  • Sleek and unobtrusive design

  • Compact and lightweight for easy travel

Price: Starting at $100

RB Life Brands

RB Life Brands, a company dedicated to simplifying sustainable choices for consumers. Their 100% premium, three-ply bamboo toilet paper, is good for you and good for the planet. RB Life Brands offer a simple yet impactful way to make a positive change for both the environment and personal well-being. 

  • Premium bamboo toilet paper is crafted from 100% premium bamboo, all while being hypoallergenic, biodegradable and septic tank friendly

  • These products are free from bleach, dyes, inks or scents ensuring a gentle touch on delicate skin

  • RB Life Brands is FSC certified, indicating responsible sourcing practices, with recycled and compostable packaging, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability

Price: Starting at $27.99

Mazie Days

Mazie Days is a brand that's revolutionizing the way pet parents tackle their daily adventures with their chic and versatile bags that are fashionable enough to go from yappy hour to happy hour

The Good Pup Treat Pouch: 

  • Available in five trendy shades

  • Structured zippered pouch keeps your pet's treats or small valuables safe and within easy reach. 

  • Crafted from 100% vegan leather with recycled and sustainable materials.

The Mazie: 

  • Stylish, water and sweat-resistant fanny pack with multiple pockets, including a cleverly designed poop bag pocket for easy access during walks. 

  • Versatile wear options

  • Customizable with removable chain detail.

The Millie: 

  • Perfect for adventures

  • Offers interior organization, waste bag storage, and versatile wear options

  • Crafted from vegan leather with sustainable materials

  • Available in multiple colors

Price: Starting at $29

Spot Detergent

The most convenient, eco-friendly and easy-to-use laundry detergent now comes in a Sheet! These tiny Detergent Sheets are made in Sweden with a powerful cleaning formula that will clean, freshen, and brighten your toughest loads of laundry! Say goodbye to bulky detergent bottles and messy spills!

  • Best value and most eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets

  • Spot's mission: create affordable eco-friendly products to reduce plastic in landfills

  • Swedish Detergent Sheets: eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergent

  • Used like detergent pods: simply place in washer and start

  • Powerful cleaning formula: cleans, freshens, and brightens tough laundry loads

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Affordable, eco-friendly, easy to use, and convenient

  • Travel-friendly due to compact size

  • Ideal for quick getaways or extended travel

  • No need to buy detergent on the go

  • Can be used in any basin or sink

  • Made in Sweden with highest quality EU-made ingredients

Price: Starting at $8.99

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