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KTLA: 5 Products for National Dog Day!

August 26th is National Dog Day and to celebrate, lifestyle expert Kathy joined KTLA to talk about 5 awesome products for your dog! More information is below!

Sweet Paws

For the playful pup who can be a little too nippy, there’s finally a way to encourage healthy chewing habits while still having fun! Meet Sweet Paws--a line of ultra-stylish and highly durable silicone bracelets designed with your best four-legged friend in mind. These bracelet stacks are the perfect, go-to gift, for any pandemic pup in your life, and looking ahead to holiday gift guides, an amazing stocking stuffer! Check out their ALL NEW Santa Paws Pack! These non-toxic silicone teether helps encourage healthy chewing habits and is made with 100% food grade silicone and certified free of phthalates, lead, and BPA.

  • Perfect for teething puppies

  • Meets the highest safety standards for human babies

  • Made with 100% food grade silicone and certified free of phthalates, lead, and BPA

  • Buy chic singles or choose a pre-stacked with fun themes like Santa Paws, Dreidel Dawg, & Beachy Feels

  • And check out their holiday styles!

Price: Starting at $12

MyMedic's Pet Medic

Whether you’re an avid adventurer with your four legged friend or your dog is accident-prone, be prepared with MyMedic Dog Pack! The Pet Medic MedPack is your all-in-one First Aid solution that has everything you need to remedy the most common injuries to your pet no matter how small or large. It's everything you need and nothing you don't. MedPacks™ was created to make First Aid simple for you - even if you’re a dog owner! Now you can be confident that you're prepared with exactly what you need, when you need it, for any injury or activity because too often help is further than you think.

  • A compact and portable all-in-one First Aid solution for common pet injuries

  • Small, compact and lightweight enough to carry in a jacket pocket or a small backpack

  • Over 20 pet friendly medical supplies

  • Includes supplies for bleeding, airway, hydration, meds, sprain and fractures, topical, and more

Price: $24.95

EcoKinds Pet Treats

EcoKind Pet Treats is a family-owned and operated company here to bring you the best, most healthy, all-natural pet treats on the market today! Every EcoKind Treat is 100% natural so not only will your pooch love them but you can rest assured you're giving them the best. The treats contain healthy vitamins, minerals and proteins that contribute to a dog's overall daily wellness. Their unique Yak Chews are an ancient recipe from the Himalayas in Nepal made with yak’s and cow’s milk that is made to digest easily and be very gentle for sensitive stomachs. There’s nothing else like it!

  • These are ‘A’ grade Yak Chew™ sourced from the Himalayas

  • Completely natural and very nutritious dog chews made from yak's and cow's milk

  • Milk is processed to remove Lactose and make the chews easily digestible and very gentle for sensitive stomachs

  • Subscribe, and save to ensure your four legged best friend never runs out of their favorite treat!

Price: Starting at $16.95

Bark Potty

Are you new to puppy potty training but gearing up to head back into the office? Are you worried about leaving them at home alone or about the urine odor that will welcome you back? Discover an easier solution to your potty training journey with Bark Potty! The outdoorsy smell and look of the bark reminds pups that this is their new spot to “go,” while the antimicrobial bark naturally neutralizes odors. For solids, simply pick them up like you would on a walk with the compostable poop bags built into every Bark Potty! Also great for apartments, balconies, condos, RVs, hotels, and more!

  • Replaces up to 60 pee pads

  • Lasts up to a month

  • All natural and recyclable

  • Proprietary bark is naturally antimicrobial

  • Attacks odors and inhibits odor causing bacteria

  • Repels moisture and promotes evaporation

  • Bark fibers draw liquids to the bottom, leaving the surface dry

  • Patent-pending design prevents kick-ups and is leak-free

Price: $37

Site: & Amazon


Dog owners are often on the hunt for the best cleaning supplies to clean up after their dogs. Make sure your cleaning product isn’t just the best for the mess, but also the safest for your four legged friends with MomRemedy! MomRemedy is the non-toxic cleaning collection with a minimal, natural formula that is tough on all things household and gets rid of those stubborn pet stains. Safely use Everything Household Cleaner on any surface such as floors, carpets, bathrooms, upholstery, clothing, and more. No pet stain is a match for MomRemedy!

  • Reduce the need for multiple cleaning products with one powerful Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaner

  • Free from Dyes, Sulfates, Phthalates, and Parabens

  • No added fragrance

  • 100% cruelty free and made with with the environment in mind

  • Created by a mom on a mission to find a safe all-purpose, everyday household cleaner

Price: Starting at $9.99

Site: & Amazon

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