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FOX Carolina - Creative Holiday Gift Ideas!

The weather has taken a chilly turn, holiday music fills the air, and the gift-shopping frenzy is in full swing. Our very own Kelly from chatted with FOX Carolina, sharing this season's most creative holiday gifts. Cross off every item on your gift list with these fantastic products, and here's to wishing you all a Happy Holiday!

Bell’s Reines

This mother-daughter, Black-owned cookies business is changing how we think of pre-packaged cookies! Bell’s Reines makes all natural, without any artificial ingredients- cookies that crumble softly with every bite! They are so delicious you will forget they came out of a bag instead of a bakery! They have snack packs too that are the perfect size for stocking stuffers! PLUS*** Bell’s Reines offers gluten free and vegan options! They have a variety of flavors from salted chocolate ship, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, matcha white chip, lemon and butter! YUM!

  • Black women-owned and operated baking business (mother and daughter team)!

  • Crafted using premium King Arthur flours, fairtrade certified chocolates from Peru and the Dominican Republic

  • Baked in small batches for optimum freshness

  • Every bite is surprisingly soft and STAYS soft for 60 days

  • No artificial preservatives or flavors

  • Non-GMO Project Verified**

  • Available flavors include Chocolate Chip, Butter, Double Choco Chip, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, Lemon, and Matcha White Chip

  • Gluten-free and vegan alternatives also!

Price: Starting at $14.95


Elk & Hammer, renowned for its art collective and marketplace, emphasizes not just the beauty of the crafted items but also the story and skill of the artisans behind them. With these exceptional products, Elk & Hammer continues to showcase the beauty and functionality of handmade items, honoring the skills of the artisans behind each piece.

  • Coin Charm Pendants

    • Each pendant features intricate designs and historical motifs that are handcrafted by skilled artisans

  • Ceramic Cups

    • Each cup is individually thrown, glazed, and fired by experienced potters. The unique glazes and finishes make each cup a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

  • Kitchen Knives

    • Expertly forged and meticulously sharpened, making them a chef's dream

Price: Items starting at $27

Sol Soils

Sol Soils is not just a soil provider; it's a game-changer in the world of plant care. With a mission to prevent root rot and enhance plant health, Sol Soils has developed a line of Performance Soils that are the first of their kind. Designed to allow roots to breathe and take in oxygen, unlike denser alternatives that suffocate plant roots. Sol Soils offers an economical and sustainable solution for plant lovers and each bag of soil sold also contributes to global reforestation, with a tree planted for every purchase.

  • Houseplant Mix

    • Tailored for indoor plants

    • Prevents root rot and ensures optimal oxygen intake for roots

    • Enhanced with unique ingredients to ensure healthier growth and vibrant foliage

  • Cactus Mix:

    • Specially formulated to mimic natural desert conditions

    • Provides ideal drainage and aeration for cacti.

  • Leca Balls:

    • Innovative, lightweight expanded clay aggregate designed for root aeration and moisture regulation.

    • Ideal for hydroponic systems and as a decorative top layer

    • Offers both functionality and visual appeal.

Price: Products starting at $9.99


TikTok viral, miracle product, with ten of millions views! Many of us relate to a bad headache or hang over!! “Hung-Over-A-F” is all-in-one headache solution! Migraines won’t stand a chance with this instant relief, soothing, blackout cap technology, called HungoverAF caps! The gell can be cooled or heated. The cooling application sits snug on places where pain radiates and reduces blood flow to slow inflammation!

HungoverAF caps can be used as cooling gel around the head, eyes, pressure points, plus heat relief

  • Relieve puffy eyes, cluster headaches, and photosensitivity

  • The cap also blocks out a high percentage of surrounding noises.

  • You can enjoy quiet and blackout without needing to get out of bed to close the curtains or hearing your family or friends’.

Price: $31.99-$39.99

Gel Blaster

Give the gift of outdoor adventure this holiday season with the thrilling, real-world gaming from Gel Blaster. These next-generation blasters bring back the fun of your favorite childhood games without the hassle of cleanup. Instead of messy and unsustainable plastics, Gel Blasters use colorful, water-based beads that disintegrate on contact, so you can play just about anywhere!

Portal Smart Target System

  • Revolutionary interactive target system

  • Bluetooth connectivity for real-time feedback

  • Enhance shooting skills and compete with friends


  • Unbeatable value with curated sets

  • Includes blasters, accessories and Gellets®

  • Convenient and cost-effective

Gel Blasters

  • Various models with unique features

  • Long-lasting battery life

  • High-quality durable blasters

  • Uses no mess Gellets® – water-based beads that burst on contact and begin to dehydrate after impact

  • Mess-Free

  • All Natural and Non-toxic

  • Long-lasting charge is paired with fast charging USB-C so you never run out of power

Price: Blasters start at just $49.99


Take your massage therapy to the next level with Wellbody’s WingSpan massage gun. With its unique design allowing you to reach those hard-to-reach spots and HeatBall technology the WingSpan will improve your muscle recovery results and experience.

  • Reaches where massage guns can’t

  • Unique extended handle allows you to better reach the locations that are difficult to reach with traditional massage guns (hamstrings, calves, shoulders, back)

  • Features HeatBall™ Technology and ultra-quiet operation

  • Lightweight and compact

  • 3-speed unit weighs just over a pound

  • Special anti-torsional grip for optimal control

  • Comes with 3 tips (heatball, ball and beak)

Price: $249


What comes with the perks of professional home security, but with the affordability and customization of a DIY install? Meet Cove – a new generation home security system that delivers results without lengthy contracts or complicated equipment. Pick your equipment, stick in place, and breathe a sigh of relief! Cove makes it easy to check in when you’re out using an intuitive touchscreen and app, while their 24/7 professional monitoring handles the heavy lifting.

  • Stay protected against intruders, fires, indoor leaks, and more

  • Emergency response 3-4 minutes faster using RapidSOS technology

  • Control your sensors or arm and disarm your system through the app

  • One of the easiest and fastest DIY home security installations

  • No drilling

  • Wireless design fits in any decor

  • No contracts!

  • Average installation time is about 30 minutes

  • 24/7 Professional monitoring for less than $1/day

  • Choose from window, door, motion, and glass break sensors, interior and exterior cameras, environmental detectors, medical alerts, and more

Price: Starts under $200 and is currently 65% Off!


Looking for the perfect gift for the athlete in your life? Move over sports drinks because Vitapod is a new power player that’s giving the competition a run for its money when it comes to price, calories, environmental impact, and overall nutrition! Vitapod transforms your tap water into a flavorful beverage that’s packed with electrolytes to keep you properly hydrated, a daily dose of essential nutrients, and zero sugar.

  • Helps keep you hydrated

  • Delivers a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and plant antioxidants

  • Up to 440mg of polyphenols in each pod!

  • Flavonoids are a major type of polyphenol that can help protect cells from free radical damage

  • No sugar!

  • Fun flavors appeal to kids and adults

  • Use your own cups and bottles to reduce plastic consumption

  • Can be enjoyed by ages 4+

  • Available in formulas to help with hydration, beauty, energy, immunity, and sports recovery

  • Bundle includes:

    • 30 count pack of pods in one of 11 different flavors

    • Premium stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle

    • NEW drink thru lid that allows the pod to stay inserted while drinking

Price: Starting at $50.99

Black Friday Extension for FOX Carolina: Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 15% off

Machine Bundle @ $199 (Worth $361.98)

Vitapod Machine, Any 2 Pouches and Vitapod Go

Pod Bundle - Free Vitapod Go and Pack of Pods (value $95.98) when you buy any 3 pouches.

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