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ABC Nashville: Must-Have Gifts for Valentine's Day!

#EverythingKelly joined the team at ABC Nashville to chat about some must-have gifts for Valentine's Day! These fun products range from date night ideas to meaningful gifts. See more information below!

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Check out more information on the products below!


From matching family shirts to adorable outfits, PatPat is the one stop shop for all your Valentine’s Day apparel this year! Whether you’re looking for a gift to give or dress for the V-day theme, PatPat has what you need! PatPat’s super affordable pricing allows you to stock up on quality clothing without breaking the bank! PatPat is the children’s clothing brand that has products for the whole family ranging from Valentine’s Day shirts, sweaters, boots, bathing suits, home organization, & so much more! When paired with their streamlined shopping platform and convenient app, it’s even easier to score a great deal!

  • Affordable outfits for baby, kids, & adults of all ages and sizes

  • Tons of maternity clothes

  • Spring finds available now along with winter coats & boots

  • Outfits for every holiday or occasion - including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick's Day, & more!

  • New styles launching daily

  • Check out their live-streaming events on Instagram - so fun for moms!

  • And be sure to check out their APP - makes shopping a breeze!


Price: Starting at $3


Get cozy with your Valentine anywhere with this wearable blanket! Mozy is an innovative, lower-body wrap designed for superior warmth and seamless mobility. Mozy is engineered to keep you mobile and cozy while doing the things you love! Mozy’s design incorporates concealed elastics that conform to your body, hugging the warm fleece lining close to you while eliminating cold air pockets. The wrap’s durable outer shell blocks wind and water while keeping your warmth close. Your lower body wrap fastens around your waist leaving your hands free to cheer on your team from the stands or refill your wine glass while you sit around the fire!

  • Provides hands-free warmth

  • Seamlessly sit, stand, and move without tangling

  • Easy to put on, wear, and remove

  • Built with dual multifunctional pockets

  • Breathable and lightweight

  • Windproof, water-resistant, and sand repellent

  • Adjustable range of opening for different warmth levels

  • Compact and portable with wrist strap for easy carry

  • Carabiner clip for securing valuables

  • Machine washable

  • Available in various sizes and 3 trim options; red, teal, & black

Website: & Amazon

Price: Starting at $65

Pull Start Fire

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day plans or a gift for your outdoors lover, Pull Start Fire is a must-have! Pull Start Fire is the pioneering fire starter that has a toasty fire going in a few seconds just by the pull of a string. Pull Start Fire even starts a beautiful fire in any weather condition too - rain, snow, wind, and even lights wet wood. It’s an absolute must-have for your Valentine’s Day date night!

  • The easiest and fastest way to start a fire

  • NO matches, lighters, or kindling needed

  • Add wood, pull the string, and let the flames begin!

  • Windproof and rainproof

  • Lights wet wood

  • Burns for 30 minutes

  • Safe to cook over

Website: & Amazon

Price: $19.99 for a 3 pack


If your Valentine’s love language is words of affirmation the Affirmicious Zodiac Affirmation Cards are the gift to give this Valentine’s Day! Each deck of fun and focusing cards is tailored to the personality of a specific Zodiac sign, offering positive statements and reminders to help change the flow of your thoughts the more you practice them. The deck features 100 personalized affirmation cards based on the unique traits, needs, and energy of each Zodiac sign. Affirmicious also has day planners tailored to your Zodiac Sign. Affirmicious’ products emphasize and reinforce natural positive traits to uplift you while also helping you acknowledge and overcome challenging traits.

  • Features 100 personalized affirmation cards per set

  • Cards are based on the unique traits, needs, and energy of each Zodiac sign

  • Reinforces and emphasizes your positive traits

  • Helps put an end to negative self-talk

  • Fun for Zodiac believers and dabblers alike!

  • Available for all 12 Zodiac signs


Price: $45

Odin Parker

From new nurseries to toy-free birthdays, ignite their imaginations while enchanting their senses with the beautiful heirloom quality music boxes from Odin Parker. These gorgeous music boxes are crafted with wood from sustainable forests and feature soothing color palettes and timeless scenes they will come to cherish and pass down through the generations. In addition to music boxes, they also have tons more hand-selected collections of toys and accessories from around the world. Each toy is designed to last through generations and doesn’t require batteries!

  • Music boxes include themes such as: Safari, Antarctica, Whale,

  • Gender neutral baby apparel, toys and accessories

  • Partnered with small mom and pop shops in Europe and around the world

  • Wooden Toys, Soft Toys, Educational Toys

  • Room Decor

  • Able to shop by age


Price: $80

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