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7 Products for your Summer Weekends!

Hit the beach 🏖 , plan a BBQ, or take a hike this summer with the help of these 7 products! Your summer weekends will be filled with lots of SUN & FUN!!

Check out more info on these products below :)


Get the family ready to hit the beach or go on vacation with Patpat's matching family outfits/swimsuits! PatPat is a clothing brand that has thousands of high quality clothes at an unbeatable price for every occasion. Check out their website to see more styles and info!

Prices vary,


Sunblock is essential for the summer time which is why you need to check out Larkly!

Larkly is the hottest new product on the market! Whether it’s days at the lake, sporting events, camping or anything outdoors! Use Larkly - a sustainable, mineral based sunscreen that’s easy, safe and effective to use!

$32.00, and Amazon


Bring your favorite fancy chair to the beach this summer and relax with SUNFLOW! SUNFLOW is the ultimate beach chair with all you need for a perfect day out! Not only is this chair super functional it is also fashion forward with a sleek design and numerous customization options. & Amazon, ShareASale & Skimlinks


If you’re thinking about having some backyard BBQ’s this summer then look to Chopbox for the most delicious hamburgers & hotdogs! ChopBox is home to premium quality meat and seafood that’s shipped fresh directly to your home.

Prices vary,

Pull Start Fire

After you’re done grilling up some food in the backyard, get the fire pit going with Pull Start Fire! With Pull Start Fire you can have a blazing bonfire ready in seconds. Pull Start Fire gets the fire going with just the pull of a string and lights even with wet, freshly cut, or icy wood!

$17 for 3 pack, & Amazon

PATH Water Bottles

It's important to stay hydrated this summer, especially when you're outside 24/7, so it’s best you invest in a reusable water bottle like PATH! Their 100% recyclable aluminum bottles are sleek, refillable, and durable so you’re always prepared when thirst strikes during your outdoor adventures.

$3, and Amazon, Safeway, Whole Foods, Rite Aid, and more

Joe Average

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends & family this summer then check out Joe Average! This 1000 piece puzzle is sure to keep you busy and entertained! Joe Average is known for their bold colors and whimsical style. It comes with puzzle glue and velcro hanging strips to hang in your house so you can remember this fun night for years to come.

$39.99, & Amazon

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