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6 Products for your Summer Weekends!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Hit the beach 🏖 , plan a BBQ, or take a hike this summer with the help of these 6 products! Your summer weekends will be filled with lots of SUN & FUN!!

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  • Choose from 4 different positions for optimal lounging

  • Built with the highest quality rust-resistant frame

  • Crafted with water-resistant fabric that can be hosed off

  • Removable straps make it easy to carry

  • Available in 17 different fashion-forward colors, with more coming for Summer 2022

  • The bundle also includes:

    • The Sun Shade - To protect yourself from 98% of the sun’s rays

    • The Drink Holder - The perfect spot for everything from a White Claw to a wine bottle

    • The Dry Bag - To keep your valuable dry, safe, and sand-free

    • The Towel - Attaches to the chair so it won’t fall down or fly away

Price: $296 for The Beach Bundle

Larkly Powder Sunscreen
  • Powder sunscreen that is reef-safe, easy to apply, & refillable

  • Goes on transparent so suitable for all skin tones

  • Infused w/ antioxidants like resveratrol, green tea, & licorice root extracts.

Price: $32, refills for $17


Uber Appliance Healthy Sorbet Machine

  • Pop in your fresh frozen fruit, and watch it magically transform into deliciously creamy soft serve- in just minutes.

  • Slash away those fats, sugars, and artificial flavorings- while still satisfying your sweet tooth.

  • Just hit the single power switch for automatically perfect, smooth sorbet.

  • All parts remove for safe and simple wash-up.

Price: $ 69.99

Slrrrp Shots
  • Plant based & gluten free

  • Made with Premium Vodka

  • No refrigeration required

  • Flavors include: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, White Cherry

  • Comes in a 12 or 20 pack

Prices vary, more info at

Pull Start Fire

· The easiest and fastest way to start a fire

· NO matches, lighters, or kindling needed

· Add wood, pull the string, and let the flames begin!

· Windproof and rainproof

· Lights wet wood

· Burns for 30 minutes

· Safe to cook over

Price: $19.99 for a 3 pack


PatPat's Swim Suits
  • Bathing suits for the whole family (including matching!)

  • Waterproof shoes

  • Cozy clothes for staying warm during cooler summer nights!

  • Items for summer fun start at $1.99!!!

Price: $7.99 & up


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