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Twilla - The Fully Customizable Pillow Built Just For You



Twilla’s premium hybrid materials and complete customization allow you to tailor your pillow to perfection. Simply adjust or reconfigure the pods to achieve the perfect size and arrangement for your specific needs. Pair the adjustable pillow with Twilla's Adjustable BODY Pillow to fully optimize your sleep station.
Recommended by physical therapists, physicians, and more, Twilla was meticulously created to end the age-old struggle of finding a pillow that works for everyone (and I mean everyone!). More information is below and at

Twilla Adjustable Pillow Highlights:
- Adjust for Comfort: This patented Pod-System lets you personalize your support by easily adding or removing PODS through the Full-Access YKK® Zipper.
- PODS are mini-pillows that keep messy filling contained.
- Relieve Pain & Improve Sleep: Position Pods for tailored neck support, align your spine and enjoy deep, restorative sleep.
- Versatile Sleep Support: Customize your pillow for different sleeping positions with extra Pods included.
- Hybrid Cooling-Comfort: Enjoy a soft lay-down feel with Light-Loft filling, combined with Cooling Gel Foam for cushioned support in the Pods.
- Premium Materials: Soft, breathable Tencel fabric and a smooth YKK zipper.
- Easy Care: Durable, machine-washable materials for easy at-home cleaning.

Queen Size includes Pillow + 10 Adjustment Pods (1 Pack: $99 / 2 Pack: Reg: $198/now: $178)
King Size includes Pillow + 12 Adjustment Pods (1 Pack: $109 / 2 Pack: Reg: $218/now: $196)
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