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SUNFLOW - The Beach Chair With Everything You Need



This thoughtfully designed beach chair comes with all the bells and whistles to ensure you spend the day focused on the important parts: lounging, relaxing, and getting lost in the waves.

What makes The Beach Bundle the best seat on the beach?

- Choose from 4 different positions for optimal lounging
- Built with the highest quality rust resistant frame
- Crafted with water-resistant fabric that can be hosed off
- Removable straps make it easy to carry
- Available in 24 different fashion forward colors, with more coming for Summer 2022
- Bundle also includes:
The Sun Shade - To protect yourself from 98% of the sun’s rays
The Drink Holder - The perfect spot for everything from a White Claw to a wine bottle
The Dry Bag - To keep your valuable dry, safe, and sand free
The Towel - Attaches to the chair so it won’t fall down or fly away

Created by fashion and product designer Leslie Hsu, Sunflow is reinventing the beach chair by finally giving it the fashionable and functional makeover it deserves.

$296 for The Beach Bundle
To learn more visit
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