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Slrrrp: Cinnamon Whiskey RTD Shots for Fall Fun



SLRRRP, the #1 best-selling ready-to-drink shots brand in the country, has more than just fruit-flavored gelatin shots, they also have Cinnamon Whiskey - perfect for your fall festivities!

These tastebud tingling bursts of flavor and fun are made with premium whiskey and a proprietary plant-based blend that creates the perfect consistency without any animal products. It’s all of the good stuff and none of the bad - that’s why they’re #1!
-Crafted with plant-based ingredients and premium alcohol
-Gluten Free
-15% alcohol
-60 calories or less per shot!
-8.5g sugar or less per shot!
-No refrigeration required
-2 Year shelf life
-Available in 10 packs
-Prices vary on location.

Slrrrp is sold at Kroger, Albertsons,, 7-11, Circle K's, Giant Eagles, Sheetz, Total Wine, ABC, Caesars Properties, MGM Properties and more!

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