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Paradise Feathers

Paradise Feathers


Paradise Feathers, a trailblazing jewelry brand founded by Andrezza, an artist with an impressive international exhibition history, is making waves in the luxury accessory world. Known for their sustainable practices and stunning wearable art pieces, the brand recently clinched the prestigious 'Network Award' at Milan Jewelry Week.

Andrezza's background in fine art and passion for jewelry shines through in every meticulously crafted piece, made with sustainably sourced gold and stones from Brazil, and assembled by fairly paid artisans in the USA.

- Shard Hoop Earrings ($250): These exquisite earrings have a minimalist and edgy design made with sustainably sourced Brazilian Red Rutilated Quartz and 14k Yellow Gold.
- Rondelle Ribbon Gold-Plated Ring ($290): Elegant, sculptural design with 14k Yellow Gold Plated Brass washer wrapped by a dainty satin-polished Sterling Silver ribbon.
- Half Moon Bracelet ($260): Unique, artistic design that blends luxury and minimalism with its 14k gold-plated Brass cuff, Black Acrylic half moon, and a sterling silver rivet.

Starting at $250


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