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Olivette - USDA ORGANIC Charcoal For Cooking



Explore the essence of summer with Olivette, where quality, sustainability, and health meet. Whether you're firing up the grill for a backyard barbecue or cultivating a vibrant garden oasis, Olivette offers unmatched excellence! Indulge in the best of Moroccan culture as you dive into an exotic world of flavorful grilling.

Olivette Organic Charcoal Briquette Highlights:

- Healthy: No smoke means no unhealthy PAH particles clinging to your meat.
- Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled olive tree byproducts, including pits, olive pulp, and branches from pruning.
- USDA Organic Certified: The only organic-certified charcoal briquettes in the world, now available in the American market!
- Extended burning time: lasts up to 5 hours (when no wind). It heats up to 375 °F.
- Easy to Clean: No volatile ash, so briquettes retain their shape after burning. Simply clean your BBQ with a spoon!
- Pure Flavor: Enjoy the true taste of your meat, as there’s no smoke to alter the flavor.
- No Sparks: offering a safer grilling experience for your eyes and for the environment. Less risk of fire starting in neighboring trees and forests (when camping).
- Disclaimer: Smoke-free for most cooking, but melting fats from meats like pork and steak can create flames.

Price: Single bag (6.6 pounds) is 26.80 on Amazon (over 500+ reviews! Rated 4.2 stars out of 5).
More information can be found at

Affiliates: Amazon and sold at Erewhon shops in California

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