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Little GF Chefs Gluten Free Baking Kits

Little GF Chefs


Created by a mom raising children with celiac disease and food allergies, Little GF Chefs are baking kits that are gluten-free, contain no artificial dyes and are free of the most common food allergens like nuts, soy, eggs and dairy. Not only are they free from most allergens, but they’re also SO yummy!

-Learn to make the most delicious pizza dough which can be used to make pizza pockets too!
-Includes: Pizza dough mix, pizza cutter, gluten free instant yeast, Italian spices, flour, red & white checkered tablecloth, & recipe instructions.

Other kits:
Bagel Kit
Animal Cracker Kit
Pretzel Kit
Cake Pop Kit

$39.95- Available on

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