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LANG TheWell



Say goodbye to single use plastics and hello to water that tastes like it's fresh from an Alpine spring with TheWell from Swiss brand LANG!

This 3 step filtration system purifies your tap water and then remineralizes it with all the essential salts, minerals, and flavors your body needs to thrive.

- Uses reverse osmosis to remove sediment, odors, flavors, and harmful particulates
- Adds back a balanced blend of healthy, natural minerals!
- Delivers fresh, great tasting water with the push of a button
- Crafted from all natural ingredients
- NO sodium
- Free of microplastics
- Filters 1L in less than 4 minutes!
- Fill a 1.5L jar or a single cup at a time
- Simply plug it in and go
- NO single-use capsules for the minerals and flavors


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