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Custom Stuffed Animal of Your Pet



Turn Yourself, Pet, or Bestie into a Doll!

These handcrafted plush dolls are custom made to look just like your favorite pet or person. Simply snap a pic, upload, and their talented artisans will do the rest.

Why Petsies & Budsies?

- Birthdays - Who wouldn’t want a plush lookalike of their best furry friend?
- In Memoriams - Help with the healing process by gifting them with a huggable tribute.
- Military Deployments - Send a copy of Mom or Dad they can squeeze when the going gets tough.
- Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties - Who doesn’t want a plush doll of their SO for all of the night’s photo op moments?
- And so much more!

Whether you’re separated from your fur baby or want to send a surprise to your BFF, with Petsies and Budsies there’s a custom gift waiting for you!

Starting at $99 - To learn more visit and
Available on Skimlinks and ShareASale: Merchant ID: 83404

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