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Acrely Farms - Boutique Hemp Farm

Acrely Farms


Acrely Farms (acre·ly) is a boutique hemp farm in the beautiful mountains of Utah. They pride themselves on a diverse background in agriculture and medical research which powers their dream of bringing high-quality CBD to their community. Acrely is intentionally simple and small. They believe the quality of hemp matters, for a quality product and an effective outcome for their customers. 
In addition to their great range of products, they have beautiful gift sets & bundles. Perfect for family, friends, brides, grooms, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Some Highlighted Products.
CBG Focus Mints 
- Try the CBG Focus Mints for a Calm Mind! 
- Made with simple ingredients for the freshest flavor profile and the cleanest dose of CBG
- Reduce stress and improve focus one minty bite at a time!
Price: $39

Artisan CBD Salve 
- Experience improved recovery and relief with our topically applied CBD-infused salve.
- Made with the finest organic ingredients Mother Nature has to offer
- Designed to help skin conditions, relieve discomfort, and reduce aches and pains.
Price: $59

CBD Relax Gummies
- For those who are not a fan of pure CBD Extract under the tongue, CBD gummies are a fun, delicious alternative.
- These real strawberry CBD gummies are so good you will want to eat the whole jar, but just one single gummy will do the job!
- THE STAR OF THE SHOW – Real Strawberry! Each Gummy contains approximately 25mg of full spectrum CBD, giving you a full dose of cannabinoids to help ease into a restful night’s sleep or take the edge off a crazy day.
Price: $59

Price: Starting at $39
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