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The holiday season is upon us, bringing with it food, merriment, fun, and, of course, shopping! Our very own Kelly from chatted with WGN Chicago, to tell us about this season's must-have gifts. Don't miss out on the incredible Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals offered by these brands. Happy Holidays!

Emma Sleep’s Emma Hybrid Comfort

Perfect for any holiday guests the Emma Sleep sleep experts have come together to create the ultimate mattress engineered to help you sleep comfortably and wake up feeling more energized. Their Emma Hybrid Comfort is a 13-inch, 7 layer mattress designed based on the latest sleep research and advanced foam technology. With 7 zones of support, this mattress will keep you cool while also contouring to your body's unique shape to help ergonomically align your head, shoulders, back, hips, and more.

  • Mattress designed by sleep experts

  • Maximizes airflow using edge-to-edge pocket spring technology, breezy AIRGOCELL Foam, and a temperature-regulating Ultra-Dry cover

  • No more overheating!

  • Designed with attention to the 7 ergonomic zones for optimal spinal alignment

  • Enhanced support for every size and weight

  • Medium firm level

  • Ideal pressure distribution

  • Zero motion transfer to help light sleepers

  • Foam is CertiPUR-US® certified

  • Available in twin to California king mattress sizes

Starting at $439

Don't miss their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal:

All mattresses 65% off + 2 memory foam pillows and a mattress protector for $99

Santa's Kindness Ornament

Spread holiday cheer and acts of kindness with Santa’s Kindness Ornament. Starting December 1st, scan the QR code, and Santa magically appears, giving kids prompts to encourage kindness and acts of service! Scan the Ornament several times a day for a few surprises from the North Pole.

  • Scan the QR code on the ornament with a phone or tablet daily, starting on December 1st.

  • Santa magically appears on screen, every day till Christmas Eve, and asks children for help sharing acts of kindness and care with others. Some prompts include drawing family photos, giving hugs, helping others with chores, and more!

  • On Christmas Eve, kids can follow Santa’s preparation through the day as he gets ready for his nighttime flight.

  • An 80-page Kindness Journal is included for kids to write, draw and play games when Santa prompts them to.

  • Ornament illuminates when a Christmas tree light is inserted through the back.


Don't miss their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal: 20% off (valid: 11/24-12/1)

Sothis Pure Beauty

A great gift for the beauty lover in your life. Sothis Pure Beauty fuses the purity of nature with the vivacity of Earth's energy. These products are handcrafted with nature's finest ingredients and charged energetically to provide the utmost healing power available. Experience the synergy of natural ingredients and Earth energy, and let your hair radiate the purity and vitality it deserves.

Sothis Black Savage Man

  • Multi-purpose oil for skin, beard and hair nourishment

  • Infused with protective obsidian crystal energy

  • Offers a clean, manly aroma

  • Pure Beauty Sample Set:

    • Includes the four most popular oils

    • Energetically charged and mindfully assembled

    • Ideal for sampling the range of products

  • Miracle Growth Hair Oil:

    • A blend of effective natural oils with Clear Crystal Quartz healing energy

    • Promotes hair growth, battles dryness and rejuvenates the scalp

    • Beneficial for all hair types and conditions

Starting at $19.95

Don't miss their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals:

Black Friday: SOTHISBF30


Lunatec Gear

A gift the outdoor enthusiast will love! The hydration bottle from Lunatec can be used to CLEAN OFF, COOL OFF & DRINK using the mist, stream and shower patterns. NEW Lunatec products available to PREORDER NOW on Kickstarter, Lunatec has created a new version of their Hydration Spray Lid to fit on your favorite wide-mouth vacuum insulated bottles! Check out their odor free dishcloths and “self cleaning washcloths” for more on-the-go cleaning!

Odor-Free Dishcloth:

  • Stays fresh without regular machine washing

  • Dry quickly and scrub hard

  • Prevent the growth of bacteria

  • 100% nylon

Self-cleaning Washcloths:

  • Refreshing exfoliation for dry skin, sunblock, sweat, and daily grime

  • Ideal for camping, travel, the beach, athletics, pets, and more

  • Stays odor free

  • 100% nylon

Hydration Spray Bottles:

  • BPA-free bottles, meticulously engineered for maximum versatility

  • Convenience of portable running water while on adventures

  • Provide mist, stream, and shower options to cater to your needs

Starting at $8.50

Don't miss their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal:

Amazon 20% discount 30% discount

NEW Products launching NOW on Kickstarter

Keepers Collective

Give the gift of beauty and unearth the beauty secrets mother nature has to offer with The Keepers Collective. Keepers Collective crafts an exquisite range of skincare and beauty products, each handmade with all-natural ingredients and beneficial byproducts from their own thriving bee colonies.

  • Whipped Body Butter Gift Set:

    • Packed with raw honey, propolis and calendula oil, this luxurious body butter set is crafted to soothe dry patches, fade stretch marks, reduce dark spots, combat inflammation and enhance skin healing

    • Comes with three scents for the holidays Brown Sugar Fig, Peppermint Stick, & Vanilla Pear

  • Lip Oil Set of 3:

    • Graces your lips with a blend of hydration and shine to ensure your lips remain kissable all day and night

    • Comes with three scents for the holidays Brown Sugar Fig, Cranberry Orange, & Vanilla Mint

  • Goat Milk & Honey Bath Bomb Set

    • With the soothing touch of goat milk, the hydrating essence of raw honey, and a burst of invigorating aromatherapy, each bath bomb is a promise of an unparalleled pampering experience.

Starting at $14

Don't miss their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals:

Black Friday: Shop our “Bundle + Save” for up to 25% off – plus free shipping on all orders of $100+

Cyber Monday: 30% off all holiday products and scents

*All discounts taken off automatically at checkout, no coupons needed

Twilla - Adjustable Pillow

The perfect gift for the home that anyone can adjust to their liking. Twilla – a true innovation in sleep comfort. Most people don’t realize that because all of our bodies are different and our sleep positions and preferences vary, having the best pillow suited for you is crucial. Twilla’s Adjustable Pillow features a patented and interchangeable Pod-System, allowing you to customize your pillow's shape in seconds!

  • Queen Size includes Pillow + 10 Adjustment Pods

  • King Size includes Pillow + 12 Adjustment Pods

  • Available in one-pack or two-pack

  • Adjust for Comfort: This patented Pod-System lets you personalize your support by easily adding or removing PODS through the Full-Access YKK® Zipper.

  • PODS are mini-pillows that keep messy filling contained.

  • Relieve Pain & Improve Sleep: Position Pods for tailored neck support, align your spine and enjoy deep, restorative sleep.

  • Versatile Sleep Support: Customize your pillow for different sleeping positions with extra Pods included.

  • Hybrid Cooling-Comfort: Enjoy a soft lay-down feel with Light-Loft filling, combined with Cooling Gel Foam for cushioned support in the Pods.

  • Premium Materials: Soft, breathable Tencel fabric and a smooth YKK zipper.

  • Easy Care: Durable, machine-washable materials for easy at-home cleaning.

Starting at $99

Don't miss this amazing deal: 15% Off Discount With Code WGN15


As the holiday season approaches and beach vacations await, the presence of sharks and stingrays in the ocean poses its share of risks. This is where Sharkbanz, a scientifically proven deterrent, becomes the quintessential accessory for every beach-bound family whether you're snorkeling, surfing, or simply enjoying the waves.

  • Government tested & validated shark deterrent technology which also deters stingrays

  • No batteries or charging required

  • Lightweight and easy to wear

  • Sleek and unobtrusive design

  • Compact and lightweight for easy travel

Price: Starting at $100

Don't miss their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals: Family Pack BOGO offer: 'Buy 3, get the 4th free.' OR 15% off select items at Free Shipping throughout the entire holiday season. No need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, these deals are active NOW!


From multi-vitamins to daily medications, opening bottle after bottle each morning can get tiresome. And what about when you travel? Meet MyPillyPal! Featuring 10 compartments it keeps your vitamins and medication all in one convenient, organized place!

  • Keep daily pills organized!

  • Compact and easy to toss in your pocket, purse or backpack!

  • Great for travel!

  • Durable design protects medication from falling out or mixing together!

  • Eliminates the need for multiple bottles!

  • Works to organize jewelry and similar products too!

  • BPA free and recyclable!

  • PillyPal V1 features 10 compartments!

  • PillyPal V2 features 8 larger compartments for convenience!

  • 4 colors to choose from!

Price: $21.99

Don't miss their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal: HolidayLove20 for 20% off (good thru 11/28)

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