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Slrrrp Just Turned Up the Fun!

The summer must-have just got even MORE popular after a recent event in Nebraska where 20,000 SLRRRP shots were sold and sales went through the roof! More will happen this weekend and SLRRRP will make a $1 donation per shot sold to Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry at the University of Arkansas and ​​Grove Food Pantry at Ole Miss!

The College World Series rivalry between Ole Miss taking on Arkansas wasn’t the only competition going on this past weekend, fans went crazy over who could buy more “SLRRRP” gelatin shots! All together fans from all six teams in the CWS bought over 20,400 SLRRRP shots!

Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina had their annual jello shot competition where each fan base of the College World Series buys jello shots in honor of their team! The total number of jello shots bought is portrayed on a dry-erase board in the middle of the bar - causing a genius competition!

The fun will continue at Rocco’s again this weekend for the finals as two of the teams meet up and for every shot sold, SLRRRP will make $1 per shot donations to Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry at the University of Arkansas and ​​Grove Food Pantry at Ole Miss.

Join in on the fun this summer with SLRRRP Shots – the world’s #1 vegetarian-friendly, award-winning gelatin shots!

They’ve ditched the animal byproducts in favor of plant-based ingredients and paired them with premium vodka, malt liquor, and whiskey.

  • #1 Ready-to-Drink Gelatin Shot

  • Crafted with plant-based ingredients and premium alcohol

  • Vegetarian-friendly

  • Gluten Free

  • Available in 20 or 12 packs

  • 60 calories or less per shot!

  • 8.5g sugar or less per shot!

  • No refrigeration required

  • 2 year shelf life

  • Also has an American Pack for 4th of July festivities!

Learn more at

slrrp is sold at Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons,, 7-11, Circle K's, Giant Eagles, Sheetz, Total Wine, ABC, Caesars Properties, MGM Properties and more!

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