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NBC Austin - Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Valentine's Day is almost here which means it's time to shower those we love with something special. Our very own Kelly chatted with NBC Austin to tell us about some great Valentine's Day gift ideas.


Be-Tween was founded by a mom of tween children. She grew up in Korea and her own mother taught her the importance of skin care. Knowing that her kids weren’t ready for harsh anti-acne treatments and masks she created the brand with them in mind. Your tween will love how their skin looks and feels.

  • It is simple, fun, and safe for all skin types.

  • Do not test our products on animals

  • Designed to be gentle and effective.

  • Ultimate skincare bundle includes:

  • Aloe Cleansing Ball Face Cleanser. A gentle face cleanser freshens young faces without drying them out. Put the moisturizing cleansing ball into the included mesh bag, run it under water, and apply the lather to a damp face. 

  • Aloe Moisturizer Face Lotion. Perfect for a tween’s changing skin, this moisturizer contains squalane, hyaluronic acid, and aloe.

  • Aloe Mask Powder. Finally, a skin mask that’s gentle enough for tweens! Mix this with equal parts water and face. It locks in moisture and helps acne-prone skin.

Price: Starting at $17.99

Just Bee Candles

Just Bee Candles feature 100% natural cotton wicks, ensuring a clean and even burn, and are made from naturally gathered beeswax, natural soy wax, and organic coconut oil, making them the perfect eco-friendly gift, catering to all sensitivities. In addition to its earthy candles, Just Bee offers an assortment of lip balms, soaps, bath oils, and more, all made with bee-influenced ingredients.

  • Made from naturally gathered beeswax, natural soy wax, organic coconut oil and essential oils

  • Perfect eco-friendly gift that caters to all sensitivities

  • Embody the perfect balance of nature's finest elements

  • 100% natural cotton wicks ensure a clean and even burn

  • Lavender Fig - Just Bee Candles ($28.98): Fresh fig introduces a touch of sweetness, creating a delicious and fruity contrast that complements the calming lavender.

  • Golden Amber- Just Bee Candles ($21.98): Intriguing nuances of warm amber add an enthralling depth to the fragrance, infusing a touch of opulence and luxury.

  • Lilac - Just Bee Candles ($28.98): The nuances of honey and a jasmine-like green freshness bring a touch of nectarous delight, further enhancing this captivating fragrance with a subtle and enticing twist.

Price: Starting at $17

Vivee Home

Vivee Home's artistic, simple home décor comes from the heart – the products are sustainable and refreshingly beautiful. A female-founded and owned company, everything they sell is touched by hand. They have unique vases, planters, decorative plates, and incense holders and leverage sustainable materials, use innovative production technologies, and donate 5% of our profits to the Art Therapy Project.

  • Female-founded and owned

  • Simple, eye-catching designs

  • Sustainable

  • All products touched by hand

  • We give back to the community

  • Freshen up your home with new decor from a brand that not only celebrates simple beauty but also gives back!

Price: Starting at $70

Parallel Sleep

Parallel Pillow is an earth-friendly company based in the Rocky Mountains. Sustainability is one its core values so their products are designed and assembled in a low-impact manufacturing facility. They are designed for every kind of sleeper and offer a 90-night return window. And for each one sold, they donate a pillow to a person in need.

  • ParaTherm™ technology

  • Soft TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre shell

  • Sculptable, Blutech Fusion Fill (BFF) fill made from recycled plastic bottle

  • Add or remove fill for perfect support

  • ParaPur™ Anti-stink, naturally self-refreshing technology

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Doesn’t go flat

  • Stays at the perfect temperature, year-round

  • Lovingly designed and assembled in the USA

Parallel Low Profile:

  • Designed for tummy and back sleepers

  • Mono piping and sleek, low-profile form factor

Parallel High Profile:

  • Amazing for side sleepers and people looking for loftier head and neck support.

  • Parallel piping and wraparound elevator gusset

Price: Parallel Low Profile: $149.99 / Parallel High Profile: $149.99

Park + Coop

Park + Coop is 100 percent dedicated to sustainable fashion! Upcycled, recycled, denim turns into gorgeous aprons, with mommy (or daddy) and me sizes, denim bags, tea towels, and unique craft sleeves for kids' arms to prevent messes on their arms from paint, gardening dirt, or cooking messes! The heartbeat of Park + Coop resonates with sustainability. Park + Coop dives into local donation centers, rescuing previously worn denim. These fabrics, brimming with stories, are washed, sanitized, and transformed into premium aprons, kitchenware, table linens, napkins, placemats with pockets in them (maybe put the napkin in the pocket, or a love note, or silverware!) and fashion accessories. Over 70% of each garment is reborn, a nod to their commitment to minimizing waste. 84 percent of donated clothes are thrown in a landfill or incinerator! Park + Coop is trying to make a dent and save the denim.

  • Machine-washable

  • Upcycled, recycled denim, locally sourced

  • Easy closures on aprons for little kids, no ties, means less stress with constantly re-tying them!

  • Woman-owned, mom-operated

  • Best selling items: market bag, aprons, two-sided placements, craft sleeves (use to protect arms/clothes from cooking messes, artwork, gardening) 

Price: $28- $150

Lashaholic Lashes

Whether it's girls night or date night, these lashes will add some glamor to any look! Lashaholic Lashes is a luxury eyelash brand with over 15 styles of beautifully handcrafted, reusable lashes made from 100% premium silk. Known for the ultra-thin & flexible lash band, their lashes will be the most comfortable lashes you'll ever wear.

  • Shop by eye shape for unique customization

  • They offer an innovative lash glue that applies like eyeliner - no mess or fuss!

  • Magnetic lash options provide ease and precision

  • Wide selection of styles to suit every preference

Price: Starting at $7.99


As travelers head to warmer destinations during the cold winter months, the presence of sharks and stingrays in the ocean poses its share of risks. This is where Sharkbanz, a scientifically proven deterrent, becomes the quintessential accessory for every beach-bound family whether you're snorkeling, surfing, or simply enjoying the waves. 

  • Government tested & validated shark deterrent technology which also deters stingrays

  • No batteries or charging required

  • Lightweight and easy to wear

  • Sleek and unobtrusive design

  • Compact and lightweight for easy travel

Price: Starting at $100


Finally, a pram that does not compromise in any area and does not make parents choose between fashion and comfort. Each Junama pram includes the chassis, the carry-cot bassinet, as well as the seated unit, the beautiful Mommy bag in coordinating colors, a rain cover, mosquito net, cup holder, sunshade, and changing mat. A built-in foot cover is also included for both units. In addition, all prices included shipping and handling, and a 2-year warranty.

Available in 3 styles: 

Pilot: Leather fabrics, bold colors, and metropolitan appeal. A sleek build with its chic, lustrous canopy and sharp diamond gondola.

Bonbon: Classic, pastel baby colors. Unmistakably nostalgic. An instant classic for your leisurely strolls down the avenue.

Stardust: Luxury glittery fabrics. Modern design, striking materials, and scintillating colors atop the iconic diamond carrycot.

  • Fluid conveyance you’ve never felt before

  • Agile steering on all terrains with adjustable shock absorber

  • Effortless movement with 360° swivel and lock front wheels

  • Suspension system including 4 shock breakers

  • From tiny tot to talking toddler, Junama accompanies you through every milestone

  • Carrycot: Suitable from birth up to 6 months (approx. 20 lbs)

  • Seated unit: Suitable for up to 45 lbs (approx. 4 years)

  • Adjustable back and footrest to accommodate as they grow

Price: Starting at $2,300

A free set of winter accessories ($535 value) with the purchase of any Junama pram

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