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FOX Sacramento: Must-Have Items For Spring

#EverythingKelly joined the team at FOX Sacramento to chat about some must-have gifts for Spring-time! These fun products range from spring-cleaning items, meats to grill up on the BBQ, and even a puzzle to do with the fam! See more information below!

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Bluebird Botanicals

Get the Bluebird Botanical lotions that will soothe skin whether for helping muscle aches from getting in spring break shape or as spring weather leads to dry skin!

  • Relaxing and silky smooth

  • Made with Rosemary

  • Made with Coconut oil

  • Great for muscle recovery and dry skin!

Price: $39.96


Savvy & Sorted

Springtime is the perfect time to get organized by using Savvy & Sorted’s pre-printed labels! Savvy & Sorted aims to declutter life granting space for your creative and inspired mindset to flourish. Their growing product range is designed for detail-lovers who get satisfaction from tidy, well-organized spaces.

They sell various items including

  • Preprinted Labels in various styles sold in sets for specific areas of the home

  • Bamboo Spice Jars (black and natural bamboo)

  • Acrylic & Wood Organizing Basket Tags with Jute String - sold in Black, White, Clear, and Wood- write directly on the tags, perfect for cricut labels, or adhere our Preprinted Script Labels directly to the tag

  • Chalkboard Labels & Supplies - chalk markers, chalkboard contact paper, mini chalkboard signs, etc

Price: Starting at $10.95


CMY Cubes

CMY Cubes is a great way to occupy the kids on spring break travels! A sensory tool for kids that adults love as a desk weight, check out the fun ways the colors change! Let kids take it on spring break travels and it makes a great Easter gift!

This magical cube appears to create an ever-changing spectrum of color, providing you with endless enjoyment. Each face of the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials which at first, appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. Twisting and turning the geometry creates new combinations, resulting in the appearance of new colors.

CMY Cube Uses:

- Decorative

- STEM/STEAM activities for kids (lessons on reflection/refraction, lessons on colors, etc)

- Mindfulness/Anxiety relief

- Spiritual ('rock' balancing with 5 pack)

- Conversation piece

- Creative work (photography, drawing, etc)

  • Each face of the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials

  • Cubes are 5cmx5cm in size

  • Use primary colours Cyan, Magenta & Yellow (CMY) and are created to help view life & light through a different lens.

  • To completely appreciate and experience these cubes, hold the cube before light or dip it into a sunbeam to bathe the room in a shifting spectrum of colour.

  • Different shapes

Price: Starting at $19.99 Site:

DNA Vibe

If you have muscle aches stopping you from getting outside this spring then you need to check out DNA Vibe! Instead of covering up your pain, solve it with The Jazz Band by DNA Vibe. The Jazz Band is finally putting the healing benefits of intelligent light therapy into the hands of the people. Featuring a wearable wrap design and four therapeutic light modes, you can target your pain to reduce inflammation, speed your recovery, and improve your performance whether you’re chasing after the kids, making field goals, or getting in that last rep.

• Made in the USA!

• Improves blood flow and oxygenation

• Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and pressure

• Enhances cellular energy to accelerate recovery

• Can be used on ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, necks, backs, and more!

• Flexible design keeps the light where it’s needed most

• Four proprietary modes: red light, near-infrared, magnetic, and micro-vibration

• Equipped with a battery pack, car charging outlet, and traditional plug

• Ships FREE within the US

Price: $249



Get ready for Spring and bust out your BBQ’s to grill up some high quality meats from Chopbox! For the meat lover, ChopBox is a must! ChopBox has been supplying quality meat and seafood to high restaurants in the Northeast for over 100 years.Products are shipped fresh and have never been frozen, because their craft butchers and fish cutters hand-cut each order on the same day that we ship the product. This allows you to get the freshest piece of meat or fish delivered to you as possible. Chop Box has developed relationships with farms that value sustainable farming practices and produce high quality products. Every product offered is taste tested to ensure it meets the Chop Box Standard. Select individual items or build a box !

  • Juicy, All Natural Prime Rib Roast

  • Applewood Smoked Bacon for wrapping around appetizers

  • Center Cut Filet Mignon for those intimate celebrations

  • Brisket for Hanukkah/ Holiday Events!

  • Fresh Faroe Island Salmon

  • Day Boat Dry Sea Scallops

  • Gift Cards Available

Price: Starting at $5.99



If you plan on going on any hikes this spring or enjoying a steamy bath break, FogBlocker wipes will keep your sunglasses/reading glasses all clear! FogBlocker is the revolutionary product designed by biotech scientists that is a game-changer compared to the most popular anti-fog solutions. A FogBlocker dry wipe can be used well over 500 times and lasts all day! Its ultrafine microfiber cloth can be safely used on any lens and you can even apply it to all your PPE plastic guards and goggles. FogBlocker wet wipes work instantly on most lenses including those that have coatings. They come in packages of 20 single-use anti-fog wipes and are easy to use, fast-drying, and one coat can last all day! The wipe also cleans dirt, grease, and does not smear. Simply wipe and dispose. It's perfect for those people on the go!

  • Longest lasting anti-fog product: Lasts over 24 hours

  • Works on all lenses and coating

  • Ultrafine microfiber cloth

  • Cleans dirt, grease, and does not smear

  • Can be used on glasses, sunglasses, helmet visor, googles, & camera lenses

Price: Starting at $13.99 Site:


With spring around the corner, discover a greener way to send a smile with Tishwish--a new packaging brand on a mission to make your shipping routine more sustainable. Whether you’re a small business, start-up, or big name, Tishwish mailers make the unwrapping process even more fun for your customers with bright colors and customizable designs. All of their products are not only made from recycled materials, but are also 100% compostable like their ultra-handy Compostable Mailers.

  • Made from bio-based polymer (from corn) and completely CORNpostable

  • Breaks down in 6 months without leaving any harmful residue

  • Water-resistant & Flexible

  • Equipped with a secure seal and double adhesive for reuse

  • NO petroleum ink or harsh chemicals

  • Customizable

  • Free worldwide delivery

Price: Starting at $55 for 100

Joe Average

If you’re looking for the perfect springtime activity then check out Joe Average! Joe Average is not just a puzzle, but a piece of artwork. Using vivid colours and bold lines as structural elements, artist Joe created highly stylized paintings. The puzzle was commissioned and designed for the 11th international conference on AIDS. What he wanted to express in this image with the stained glass feeling is that we are all fragile in the face of AIDS but working together with love (the heart in the center) is what we need to do. Assemble the puzzle, apply the accompanying glue stick and you have a gorgeous spring upgrade to your art collection!

Talking points:

  • 1000 pieces

  • It has an easy pop off lid

  • Comes in a reusable paint can gift box

  • Includes puzzle glue and velcro strips

  • Peel and stick velcro to hang it on the wall

Price: $39.99


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