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FOX Colorado: Holiday Season Must-Haves!

Kelly (#WheresEverythingKelly) joined FOX Colorado to discuss some amazing holiday season must-haves! These products make great gift ideas!

Check out the full segment:

More information on these amazing products below!

Zoha Fragrances

Are you looking for a new fragrance that lasts longer and smells amazing? Do you need the perfect Secret Santa gift? Zoha Fragrances are your new go-to for oil-based perfumes made without alcohol. Zoha curates a special blend of essential oil and naturally derived aroma compounds to make a unique fragrance that evolves with your skin chemistry. No one person will have the same scent experience!

  • Fragrances made without alcohol last longer and are better for your skin

  • PETA Certified Vegan and Hypoallergenic

  • Unique oil blends evolve with skin chemistry into a personal scent

  • Ultimate clean beauty experience as the perfumes have no alcohol, artificial coloring, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

  • 18 versatile scents inspired by nature available in oil-mist or roll-on form

    • Fragrances include Amber Bloom, Angel Bloom, Egyptian Musk, Floral Allure, Indian Musk, Jasmine Bloom, Persian Garden, Rose Bloom, Sandalwood, Spice Woods, Vanilla Bloom, White Musk, Cherry Bloom, Midnight Bloom, Evening Bliss, Island Bliss, Mystic Bliss and Ocean Bliss.

Price: Starting at $12.95


Splashes Lashes

Whether you’re looking to up your lash game for family get togethers, holiday parties, or just a night out on the town with friends, Splashes Lashes has something for you! For the beauty lovers comes Splashes Lashes, lashes with a twist! Splashes Lashes makes handmade decal lashes that are perfect for any event! Their products are vegan and cruelty free made with faux mink. They have all sorts of beautiful designs, even birthday and holiday themed lashes!

  • Handmade, decal lashes

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free Faux Mink Lashes

  • Use up to 10 Wears with Proper Care

  • Has holiday themed collections to get into the spirit of the season

  • Custom lashes available

  • Lashes designs include heart, rainbow, money, star, etc.

Price: Starting at $8.99


Tastings Tea

You’ve heard about wine and chocolate pairings. Even the beer scene has its own. But have you ever contemplated the joining of your favorite morning ritual with such delights? Unlock the secrets hiding within your tea leaves with Tastings Tea and their perfectly matched pairings of tea and chocolate. Each blend of 100% organic tea leaves is crafted by professional blenders to make a balanced, full-bodied tea. Then, they offer suggestions for just the right chocolate to complement the blend while bringing out its subtle notes and aromas.

  • Robust body and well-rounded flavors

  • Certified organic

  • Ethically sourced in India

  • Sachets are 100% biodegradable

  • Available in 3 flavors:

    • Earl Grey - Pair with Theo’s Orange 70% Dark Chocolate

    • English Breakfast - Pair with Theo’s Pure 45% Milk Chocolate

    • Mint Fusion - Pair with Theo’s Mint 70% Dark Chocolate

Price: $12.50


Discover a greener way to send a smile with Tishwish--a new packaging brand on a mission to make your shipping routine more sustainable. Whether you’re a small business, start-up, or big name, Tishwish mailers make the unwrapping process even more fun for your customers with bright colors and customizable designs. All of their products are not only made from recycled materials, but are also 100% compostable like their ultra-handy Compostable Mailers.

  • Made from bio-based polymer (from corn) and completely CORNpostable

  • Breaks down in 6 months without leaving any harmful residue

  • Water-resistant & Flexible

  • Equipped with a secure seal and double adhesive for reuse

  • NO petroleum ink or harsh chemicals

  • Customizable

  • Free worldwide delivery

Price: Starting at $55 for 100



There’s nothing like the holiday season to spread a little cheer, and with Affirmicious and their uplifting Zodiac Affirmation Card Decks you can help nip negativity in the bud! Each deck of fun and focusing cards is tailored to the personality of a specific Zodiac sign, offering positive statements and reminders to help change the flow of your thoughts the more you practice them. The deck features 100 personalized affirmation cards based on the unique traits, needs, and energy of each Zodiac sign.

  • Features 100 personalized affirmation cards per set

  • Cards are based on the unique traits, needs, and energy of each Zodiac sign

  • Reinforces and emphasizes your positive traits

  • Helps put an end to negative self-talk

  • Fun for Zodiac believers and dabblers alike!

  • Available for all 12 Zodiac signs

Price: $45


Moon Babe Blankets

Keep baby cozy this holiday season with Mom owned and operated, Moon Babe Blankets! Moon Babe Blankets believe that objects carry their own energy and life, so these blankets are born to have true purpose from the very beginning. They are crafted with the intention to conjure up positive vibes and encourage mindfulness for both mom and babes. These blankets will help ward off bad juju & repel nightmares for the kids, while bringing peace and good energy to the moms. Everyone wins!

  • Banish Bad Juju - Send those gloomy days and nights sailing by cuddling them in positivity.

  • Unlock Inspiration - Open the doors of their imagination with these whimsical everyday blankets.

  • Thank the Cosmos - Practice a gratitude snuggle in this adorable blanket featuring your big star and their little one.

  • Read the Stars - Introduce them to their guiding Zodiac animal and watch their innate talents grow!

Price: $88

Website: ​​

Puzzle Sensei

Looking for a gift for the person who has everything this holiday season? Or, are you looking for an activity to help you unwind after a long day? Discover Puzzle Sensei! Combine food, fun and culture with their innovative jigsaw puzzles that feature original illustrations of popular Asian dishes, fun facts and bonus recipes for a unique puzzle experience! These distinctive puzzles allow users to celebrate cultural diversity by sharing the company’s passion for food through art and trivia. A portion of all profits are donated to organizations who work towards fighting food insecurity.

  • Lucky Ramen - Work up an appetite with this puzzle that features the iconic Manekineko cat eating a bowl of ramen in Japan!

  • Dimsum Factory - The Dimsum Factory puzzle features chickens making iconic dimsum dishes.

  • Shabu Frenzy - ​​Have a delicious experience with this puzzle that highlights an all you can eat hot pot shop in Taiwan surrounded by tasty ingredients.

Price: $25



Inspired by the tragic death of a family member, MyMedic is on a mission to ensure you never have to face a minor or major medical emergency empty handed. Each of their compact first aid kits comes equipped with over 100 of the highest quality tools and medical supplies hand selected to be effective in real life situations. It includes supplies for bleeding, airway, burns, hydration, fractures, and more.

  • Over 100 first aid and trauma supplies

  • Includes supplies for bleeding, airway, burns, hydration, meds, sprain and fractures, topical, and more

  • Snag resistant zipper

  • Grab and go design features a velcro tear away panel

  • MOLLE system compatible

Price: Starting at $50


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