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FOX Colorado - Holiday Gift Ideas!

Our very own Kelly from chatted with FOX Colorado, sharing some of this holiday season's best holiday gifts. Here's to wishing you all a Happy Holiday!

Banana Phone

The Banana Phone (as seen on Shark Tank) is the perfect gift for your friend, family, co-worker, or anyone who loves fun! They’ll go bananas over this Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset that lets you talk, utilize Siri or Google Assistant, and listen to music. Best of all, they’ve forged a fruitful partnership where they are able to support Gorilla Conservations with every sale.

  • 60 ft Bluetooth range

  • Make phone calls or play your favorite music

  • 20-hour talk time

  • 120-hour idle time

  • Connects to iPhone and Android via Bluetooth

  • Rechargeable via micro USB (cable included)

  • At Banana Phone, they believe we have a responsibility to do good. That’s why they contribute 1% of annual sales to gorilla conservation.

Price: $39.99


Get ready to experience a whole new way to enjoy self care! Created by two amazing women, RE:CHI products are doctor formulated tea blends that are intended for daily self care (tea options for sleep, digestion, energy and immunity)! Rooted in ancient living wisdoms, RE:CHI introduces a holistic approach to wellness, infusing time-honored Eastern philosophies into every sachet of herbs to enhance your modern lifestyle.

  • TCM- known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, doctor formulated, wellness-tonic teas with medicinal properties

  • Savor the richness of 13 grams per tea bag, five times more than the usual 2 grams

  • Herbs are carefully selected with medicinal benefits in mind, an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Four meticulously crafted teas, each promising a unique path to harmonizing your body, mind and spirit and targeted for healing specific parts of your body and mind

  • All natural ingredients and not lab-synthesized “tea leaves”

Price: Starting at $19.99 for 10 tea bags

Jigsaw Surf Co.

From mindful focus and stress relief to cognitive stimulation and creativity, Jigsaw Surf Co’s puzzles can enhance your mental agility, promote relaxation, and contribute to an overall sense of balance and fulfillment. Their exclusive surfboard shaped puzzles are not only a premium, tactile diversion but a unique piece of art ready to adorn your walls. Unlike anything on the market, these puzzles offer a refined experience right from the unboxing, owing to our soft touch finish, magnet box, and reusable cotton bag.

  • High-end quality with premium soft-touch finish

  • Each surfboard comes with specialized wax (puzzle glue) making it ready to hang art!

  • Eco-conscious packaging

  • Made from recycled paper and we use soy-based ink

  • A portion of every purchase is donated to myPeak Foundation

Price: Starting at $38


This holiday season, give a gift that makes a difference in the wellbeing of your loved ones with Yoursy! Yoursy uses a proprietary algorithm to create custom formulations just perfect for your body and goals. In just a few minutes, you can get therapeutic essential oils formulated just for you. Each custom essential oil blend is made to order, with your name or initials. All you need is a few deep breaths and you can experience the physical and emotional support you desire.

  • Custom essential oil blends are made to order with your name on the bottle.

  • Oils can help you improve your sleep, energy, focus, and much more.

  • Simply take a few deep breaths and you will feel the difference instantly.

  • Made with 100% pure essential oils.

  • No artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances.

  • All formulations are created by a high-level certified aromatherapist.

  • Options to use with diffusers or topically with a roll-on bottle.

Price: Starting at only $24


Meet the bag that perfectly blends aesthetic appeal with functional versatility: The Milmo 1813!

This 23L city bag was created when founder Jordan Marcelino needed a solution that held everything from work essentials to groceries without crushing his belongings in the process.

With the removable, waterproof liner, you’ll be able to easily separate produce and other groceries from your laptop, wallet, notebooks, and more. The Milmo is redefining what it means to be stylishly practical!

  • Stylish and practical bag that carries everything you need!

  • Optimal size for for everything from work essentials to grocery shopping

  • Removable & waterproof main compartment liner to separate belongings

  • Large water-resistant inner pocket that protects sensitive items

  • Rope handles are attached along bottom of the bag for enhanced durability

  • Handles covered in vegan leather

  • Small pocket on the outside for easy access to smaller items

  • Washable

  • 23L bag – 18in long, 13in wide, 6in deep.

  • Available in 4 colors – Black, Grey, Green, & Yellow

Price: $120


For an elegance you will only find with Plaitly, look at these gorgeous digitally created jewelry pieces designed by an artist who is an architect! PLAITLY’s Drapery collection is inspired from the movement of ballerinas by the artist using a digital algorithm based on wind and gravity forces! Designer, Caroline Quinio, captures the fluid finesse of a ballerina’s movement across the stage. Her artistic process includes 3D printing and hand-casting. The collection embodies a modern reimagining of traditional jewelry-making techniques. Each piece is not just an accessory, but a narrative of ballet's timeless beauty, encapsulated in wearable art.

  • Elegant and innovative jewelry collection inspired by the grace of ballet

  • Exquisite blend of digital design, 3D printing and hand casting

  • Each piece is not just an accessory but wearable art

  • Made with only high-quality, recycled metals, which reduces the need to mine new precious metals

  • Free of toxins

  • Metals are nickel-free for sensitive skin

Price: Starting at $175

Little Shop of Pins

A TikTok viral sensation, Little Shop of Pins is popular worldwide for its iconic, wearable pins! Known as “wearable art!” The brainchild of passionate pin collectors, Little Shop of Pins is committed to curating a diverse and captivating collection of pins that cater to various tastes and interests. Perfect for stocking stuffers, sending someone a smile, and collecting your own!

  • “Wearable art” that’s sure to spark conversation

  • All pins are crafted based on memorabilia

  • Created by various artists

  • Several licensed characters and iconic symbols to choose from

  • Meticulous craftsmanship and premium quality make them sought after collectibles

  • Wide range of fun and unique pins!

  • Shop by items for the Movie Buff, Foodie, Gamer, your Tita/Tito, for Kids and more!

Price: Starting at $3-$20

Miva Recovery

Check out the genius MIVA Recovery! A water bottle & foam roller, ALL-IN-One! The epitome of design meets utility for a 2-in-1 genius solution to hydration and foam rolling. This double-duty bottle with a double-walled steel reservoir not only holds your beverage but also embodies a masseuse's touch, offering a therapeutic massage anytime, anywhere. Ideal gift for any runners, athletes, yogis, or anyone working out at home or in an exercise class!

  • Unique multi-faced design mimicking the human hand for targeted messaging

  • Comes in six vibrant colors to suit your style

  • 25 oz capacity, double-walled steel reservoir ensuring your drink stays at the right temperature

  • Easy access flip straw lid, flexible carrying handle, and slim design to fit perfectly in most cup holders

Price: Starting at $49

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