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FOX Colorado - Father’s Day Gift Ideas + Deals!

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Our very own Kelly from recently caught up with FOX Colorado, sharing must-have gifts for the Dad's in your life.

oi Tape

Imagine adding a simple step to your routine that ensures a comfortable night’s sleep and transforms how you approach your day. Enter oi Tape™, the meticulously crafted medical-grade mouth tape made in the USA.  Designed to revolutionize your breathing habits and enhance your well-being, this innovative tape exceeds all others on the market.

  • Comfortable, unscented, non-toxic, free from harsh chemicals and parabens, latex-free

  • Medical-grade tape is packed in a sterile room, temperature-controlled, and made to be used on the lips

  • High quality, made in the USA, and woman-founded

  • Reduces snoring after consistent nightly use

  • Curbs nightly teeth grinding eliminates dry mouth and reduces bad breath

  • Counters facial muscle changes and jaw alignment caused by mouth breathing

Two options: (Vented and non-vented)

  • Vented option, featuring a small vent for moisture control and airflow 

  • Provides airflow from the central hole for those transitioning to mouth-taping

  • Non-vented version, providing a wider fit to cover your entire mouth

  • Tape without a central hole covers more mouth area, which is ideal for more experienced mouth tapers

  • The adhesive used in both models allows for hassle-free removal in the morning, making oi tape™ the ideal choice for a peaceful night's rest

  • Each package includes 30-mouth strips in a convenient resealable package, ensuring long-lasting use

Price: $27.88 for a single pack

Use FoxCo15  to get 15% off

Arca Gear

Have you ditched single-use plastics, yet wish there was an easier way to carry your reusable bottle? Discover the ultimate, hassle-free way to stay hydrated on the go with Arca Gear! Their Hydro Carrier does it all with a secure phone pocket, built-in wallet, and insulated bottle sleeve that can accommodate water bottles up to 64oz.

  • Keep everything you need in one place when running errands, at theme parks, playing tourist, and more!

  • Insulated bottle sleeve keeps your bottle cool

  • Front flex pocket can fit your lip gloss, trail snacks, passport, and more!

  • Built-in wallet features 6 credit card slots

  • Water-resistant phone pocket keeps tech dry and fits all large models

  • Glasses loop makes it quick and easy to stash your shades

  • Padded shoulder strap for added comfort

  • Carry handle so you can grab and go

  • Available in 3 sizes to fit your bottle


Price: Starting at $29

Hey Honey

Hey Honey is a unique line of bee-powered products with rave reviews and 95% sustainable packaging. Their 911 Pro Gel hero product is a true multi-tasker! With this fast-acting formula, this fast-acting formula, you can soothe bug bites, scratches, acne flare-ups, and even minor burns. Perfect for busy parents and anyone on the go.

  • Targets Acne and Inflammation

  • Accelerates Healing

  • Antiseptic Aid: (Excellent aid for post-shaving care, helping to prevent razor burns and inflammation, promoting smoother, irritation-free skin)

  • Versatile Solution: Simplifies skincare routines by serving multiple purposes

  • Minimizes Scarring

  • 1.5 million reviews online, with an average of 4.8 stars.

Price: Starting at $36

also available on Amazon and

Use Colorado20 to get 20% off (active 5/29-6/5)

Beer Darts

Discover a fresh and exciting way to enjoy your favorite canned beverages (you can play with non-alcoholic beverages as well)! Beer Darts is the ultimate bonding game with friends! Secure your drink in the stabilizer, take aim, and let the darts fly! Get ready for laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable moments!

  • Great bonding game for enjoying adult beverages from aluminum cans!

  • Comes with two stabilizers that hold cans in place

  • Includes two magnetized darts and stabilizers that stick together for easy and safe storage!

  • Fits in a back pocket, making it easy to take on the go!

  • Bring Beer Darts to BBQs, pool parties, pre-games, or just play at home!

  • Features a Universal Backboard Clip that transforms scraps (halves of pizza boxes or the box beer came in) into a barrier to catch missed throws and protect your toes!

  • Find your partner, stand 10 feet apart facing one another, and start taking turns with your darts!

  • If your partner punctures your can, it's time to take a sip!

  • More fun rules included!

Price: $29.99


Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, WearBands is passionate about sports, fitness, and health. Their mission is to free athletes and fitness consumers from the restrictions of traditional resistance training equipment, helping them to reach their full athletic potential and make fitness more varied, more fun, and more productive. Their simple tool, added to 100% of any type of workout or fitness activity, will produce more results, guaranteed!

  • Comes with 3 Lower Body Levels, 2 Upper Body Levels

  • Trusted by Olympic athletes!

  • WearBands offers a resistance training system that allows users to exercise at any pace and in any location

  • Developed by a team of top sports trainers and physiotherapists, WearBands enhances workout effectiveness through time under tension and neuromuscular stimulation

  • The system provides resistance in a functional and unrestricted manner, unlike traditional equipment

  • WearBands is safe, user-friendly, and immediately effective upon use

Price: $99.95 - Full Body Base System (3 Lower Body Levels, 2 Upper Body Levels)

Use FOXCO20 for 20% off site-wide 

Dink Buddy

Introducing Dink Buddy – the portable Pickleball net so you can get a game going anytime, anywhere! The net sets up in just a minute to 6ft long and regulation height. With its innovative court expander technology, you can also easily join two nets for expanded gameplay. 

The Dink Buddy portable pickleball net collapses effortlessly into a compact 3.1-lb carrying case measuring only 19 inches. It’s super ideal for playing on-the-go! 

  • 6-foot long regulation height pickleball net, perfect for play and training on-the-go

  • Play a game of pickleball anytime, anywhere! 

  • Easy to set up 

  • Collapses into a carrying case that only weighs 3.1lbs 

  • Built with durable materials 

  • Made with hard anodized aircraft grade 6061 aluminum framing, high-strength injection molded joints, and thick shock cord

  • All Dink Buddy nets have the completely novel court expander technology built into each net system allowing you to join two nets in an instant

  • Available in several colors: Black, White, Indigo, Red, Orange, Pink!

  • Great for all skill levels!


Price: Starting at $99

Use FoxCo15 for 15%

SLAM Lotion

Meet SLAM Lotion - the sunscreen with a manly scent! SLAM is on a mission to redefine suncare for the modern man. Forget the traditional coconut or chemical-smelling skin protection and enjoy scented sunscreens with a bold fragrance, embodying the essence of confident masculinity.

  • Masculine-inspired aroma for the everyday man

  • Advanced sun protection, shielding skin from UV rays

  • Created to complement an active lifestyle and sun-filled adventures

  • Inspired by men refusing to protect their skin due to the scent of traditional sunscreens

  • Made in the USA

Price: Starting at $19.99 

Use code FoxCo15 for 15%

Olivette Organic Charcoal Briquettes

Explore the essence of summer with Olivette, where quality, sustainability, and health meet. While you're firing up the grill for a backyard barbecue, Olivette offers unmatched excellence! Indulge in the best of Moroccan culture as you dive into an exotic world of flavorful grilling and flourishing greenery, all in one place.

  • Healthy: No smoke means no unhealthy PAH particles clinging to your meat.

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled olive tree byproducts, including pits, olive pulp, and branches from pruning.

  • USDA Organic Certified: The only organic-certified charcoal briquettes in the world, now available in the American market!

  • Extended burning time: lasts up to 5 hours (when no wind). It heats up to 375 °F.

  • Easy to Clean: No volatile ash, so briquettes retain their shape after burning. Simply clean your BBQ with a spoon!

  • Pure Flavor: Enjoy the true taste of your meat, as there’s no smoke to alter the flavor.

  • No Sparks: offering a safer grilling experience for your eyes and for the environment. Less risk of fire starting in neighboring trees and forests (when camping).

  • Disclaimer: Smoke-free for most cooking, but melting fats from meats like pork and steak can create flames.


Price: $26.80 for a single bag

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