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FOX Colorado: Amazing Gift Ideas This Holiday Season!

Kelly (#WheresEverythingKelly) joined FOX Colorado to share some amazing last minute gift ideas with you! Check out these cool products and more info below!

Happy Holidays from the Everything Branding team!

The Fascination’s Ridge Wallet

Check out this amazing wallet from, a marketplace of purpose driven products! Their Ridge wallets are a minimalist, front pocket wallet that's designed to remain as slim as possible. It’s about carrying less but always having what you need. The Ridge Wallet can hold up to 12 cards without stretching out, blocks RFID (electronic theft), comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is made from anodized aluminum, an impenetrable material as tough as titanium.

  • Metal as tough titanium.

  • Sleek, ultra-modern, multi-tasking accessories and everyday essentials

  • Holds up to 12 cards & blocks electronic theft

  • ​​Keeps your money safe and secure

  • Comes with an elastic cash strap or a spring steel money clip

  • The wallet lovers new favorite wallet

  • The most popular men’s gift item on The Fascination for 2021

  • At 10% off for a limited time on


Price: Starting at $76

PATH Water

Say no to single-use plastic without giving up your grab-and-go stash with PATH’s refillable bottled water. Just like a flat of plastic water bottles, PATH bottles can be kept stocked in the pantry, office or car for sharing with friends or picking up the slack when you forget your regular bottle. And they are refillable and/or recyclable! Never spend money on an expensive water bottle again!

  • Super convenient for busy people always on the go

  • Infinitely refillable

  • Made from sleek and lightweight aluminum that is 100% recyclable

  • Features industry leading thicker walls for strength and durability

  • Built with a wide mouth opening for easy refilling

  • BPA Free & Made in the USA

  • Available in 3 thirst quenching options:

    • Still - pure reverse osmosis filtered water

    • Sparkling - delicately carbonated with added electrolytes

    • Alkaline - pH of 9.5+ with specialty electrolytes


Price: Individual 20oz and 25oz bottles are all under $3. Starting at $19.99 for a 9 pack

Fog Blocker

If you wear glasses on a daily basis, you’re probably far too familiar with fogged lenses. This tends to happen when you walk into a warm environment after being in cold weather. From grocery stores and shopping malls, to restaurants and festive parties, you may find yourself on-the-go a lot more than usual during the holiday season. And, with the ongoing pandemic in full swing, wearing masks has become a part of the new normal. But, the hot breath pouring out of the top of your mask never seems to get easier. All of these instances can be avoided by using the patent-pending FogBlocker!

  • Patent-pending, plant-based, nano-cellulose, ultrafine microfiber cloths

  • Prevents moisture buildup

  • Last 24+ Hours, 500 uses per cloth

  • Streak-free

  • No eye irritants

  • Single-use wet wipes

  • Can be used on all lenses, PPE plastic guards, and goggles


Price: Starting at $13.99

CMY Cubes

CMY Cubes are gorgeous physics toys for kids to learn and perceive colour in a new way, a beautiful addition to any surface or desk. They’re the most curious and utterly magnificent sensory toys you will ever own. This magical cube appears to create an ever-changing spectrum of color, providing you with endless enjoyment. Each face of the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials which at first, appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. Twisting and turning the geometry creates new combinations, resulting in the appearance of new colors.

  • Each face of the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials

  • Cubes are 5cmx5cm in size

  • Use primary colours Cyan, Magenta & Yellow (CMY) and are created to help view life & light through a different lens.

  • To completely appreciate and experience these cubes, hold the cube before light or dip it into a sunbeam to bathe the room in a shifting spectrum of colour.

  • Different shapes


Price: Starting at $19.99

PatPat Clothing

From warm coats to stylish winter boots PatPat has fashion forward winter wear for the whole family! PatPat’s super affordable pricing allows you to stock up on quality winter clothing without breaking the bank! PatPat is the children’s clothing brand that has products for the whole family ranging from winter coats, adorable sweaters, boots, sweatshirts, & even bathing suits to start planning your spring break trip! When paired with their streamlined shopping platform and convenient app, it’s even easier to score a great deal!

  • Green Plaid Button Lapel Neck Double Pocket Cardigan Coat ($28.99) - Stay warm and fashionable in this trendy plaid cardigan coat!

  • Kid Boy/Kid Girl Solid Color Hooded Fuzzy Coat Jacket ($11.99) - These fuzzy coats are not only stylish they are super soft and cozy with a teddy bear fabric.

  • Kid Boy Casual Cable Knit Textured Sweatshirt ($9.99)- Stick with the classics in these adorable crew neck sweaters, a wardrobe staple!

  • Toddler/Kid Side Zipper Perforated Lace-up White Boots

  • Affordable outfits for baby, kids, & adults of all ages and sizes

  • Tons of maternity clothes

  • Fall finds and winter coats available now - even winter boots

  • Outfits for every holiday or occasion - including Halloween & Christmas!

  • New styles launching daily

  • Check out their live-streaming events on Instagram - so fun for moms!

  • And be sure to check out their APP - makes shopping a breeze!


Price: Starting at $3


Cleverfy are the best shower steamers that smell so incredible, feel so therapeutic, have nature-identical fragrance, and REAL flower petals. It’s truly one of a kind! Step into the shower and take a deep breath in these heady aromas and you’ll wonder how you ever made it through the day without shower aromatherapy in your life! The steamers come in packs of 6 individually wrapped shower steamers. Change your shower ritual and feel good after with these packed natural essential oils that will delight your mind, body, & soul!

  • Imbued with pure essential oils for an authentic aromatherapy experience

  • These shower steamers are vegan, cruelty free, and completely safe for all septic systems

  • Simply place your shower tablets into the corner of your shower

  • Designed to slowly melt under the light steamy streams of the shower and not directly under the showerhead

  • The strong, therapeutic scent will last your entire shower so you can enjoy your small, yet meaningful moment of self-care for as long as you choose

Site: & Amazon

Price: Starting at $18.99

Pit Liquor

Who knew whiskey and vodka could be so effective? Erica Feucht knew. After struggling to find a reliable natural deodorant, this Colorado-based CEO and her husband, Jason created the Pit Liquor brand using an uncompromising focus on 100% natural ingredients and sustainable sourcing and packaging. Today, they’ve grown the idea into a successful business that continues to find legions of fans across the country.Introducing Pit Liquor -- the first deodorant to use the powerful, bacteria killing properties of overproof whiskey and vodka. With Pit Liquor, you can be confident of lasting odor protection with no lingering booze smell!

  • Aromas solely crafted from ingredients like lavender and cloves steeped in their raw form

  • This innovative brand is Vegan, eco-friendly and confidence building

  • It’s whiskey and vodka base

  • The inventive scents are available as sprays or roll-ons in singles or bundles

  • Best Sellers Roll-On Bundle - This trio features Coconut Rum with Lime, Whiskey Black Pepper, and Whiskey Lavender

  • Whiskey Vanilla Spray - a sweet, warm scent

  • Unscented Spray Bundle – for those who prefer a fragrance-free deodorant


Price: Starting at $12.95

In Good Taste

Say cheers to the New Year while exploring new wines from In Good Taste! Each stunning bottle is teeming with flavor and waiting to be explored through their convenient virtual tastings. The best part? They are sold in single serve bottles so you don’t have to waste a full bottle during a tasting! Have the world of fine wine delivered straight to your door and into your glass with In Good Taste!

  • Explore more and commit less with 8 unique wines

  • Discover a new region or style of winemaking you wouldn’t have considered

  • Each wine is handpicked and available in limited batches

  • Experiment on your own or join their complimentary virtual tasting

  • Find your favorite and then order a full size bottle

  • Single-glass bottles are 187ml

  • Delivered directly to your door

Price: Starts at $45 for 6 single glass bottle tasting kits


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