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Create the Ultimate Easter Basket! 🐇💛

We want to help you create the 💛🐇ULTIMATE 💛🐇Easter basket this year with all of our amazing products below! From personalized gifts, to cute Easter dolls, and festive outfits - this Easter basket will be the most memorable one yet!

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Give your loved ones the most memorable gift of all this Easter with ThatBlanket. Take your loved ones favorite photo and create it into an uber soft, fleece blanket from ThatBlanket! Simply upload a photo and enjoy the utmost quality in printing and optimization of your picture as you create a large and vibrant keepsake on a soft and warm premium blanket.

$89.99, & Skimlinks


Make the Easter basket complete with a lookalike doll of your favorite furry friend! You can make it happen with Petsie! These handcrafted plush dolls are custom made to look just like your favorite pet or person. Simply snap a pic, upload, and their talented artisans will do the rest.

$99,, ShareASale, & Skimlinks

Odin Parker

With Easter being just around the corner, Odin Parker has the cutest dolls to celebrate! Meet Olli Ella's newest {and most snuggly} collectible Cozy Dinkum Dolls!

Each one of them is so cute & cozy.. They love to doze in their soft fluffy suits. Made for snuggles and snoozy days, this velvety little Cozy loves to play!

Little GF Chef's Easter Egg Kit

Make this Easter basket a SMASH hit with Little GF Chefs Easter Egg Kit! Your little ones will have the best time decorating and smashing these chocolate easter eggs! Little GF Chefs Chocolate Easter Egg Kit comes with 6 easter egg silicone molds, a wooden hammer, dark chocolate wafers, white chocolate chips, organic jelly beans & more!

$45, & ShareASale/Skimlinks

CMY Cubes

Add this to the basket and watch the kids fall in love with this beautiful cube of colors! Not only is it good for entertainment but it can also teach children about blending colors and help spark imagination! This magical cube appears to create an ever-changing spectrum of color, providing you with endless enjoyment.

$29.95, & amazon


You can never go wrong with matching Easter outfits! Patpat has the cutest selection of Easter themed clothing! They have so much to choose from with super cute and stylish clothes, accessories, shoes, and more! Whether you’re thinking of getting your loved ones a pretty Easter dress, new bathing suit, stylish kicks, or even Mommy & Me matching outfits - they have something for everyone.

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