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Check Out PaddleSmash on Shark Tank Tonight!

Tune in to Shark Tank tonight, Friday 10/20, to see our client, PaddleSmash, wow the sharks!

Want to know more about this fun and easy-to-learn outdoor game you can play from the beach to your backyard? In this game of skill and excitement teams 2-4 players take turns using a racket to smash a ball over the net and into the round court. If the ball hits the ground or doesn't leave the court, then the other team scores a point. Play anywhere, any time of the year (think portable Pickleball) - All you need is a flat surface. You can enjoy PaddleSmash anywhere outdoors - in your backyard, at the park, at the beach, or while waiting for a pickleball court to free up!

Find out more and get your own game here!

Check your local listings and don't miss this episode!

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