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Uber Appliance's Tea Kettle


Craft the perfect cup of tea or coffee using your Uber Electric Tea Kettle. The easy to use one touch operation Uber Electric Tea Kettle makes it easy to make full body tea with little to no tea leaves in your cup thanks to the mesh screen at the spout, you can let your tea leaves, herbs or flowers steep in the water as it reaches boiling temperature and pour directly into your cup.

-1.8 Liter Capacity clear glass pot with locking lid and screen guard to filter tea leaves allowing you to steep your tea leaves during brew.
-1000 Watt heating element quickly brings 1.8 Liters of water to boiling temperature under 5 min
-Separate base with cordless kettle pot for easily removable pot once tea has brewed so that you can easily pour your tea once it has brewed
-Heating element does not touch water thus preventing any limescale or calcium deposit build up in the pot
-BPA Free kettle with high borosilicate glass body
-Auto Shut off safety feature once water has reached boiling temperature
-Blue LED Light at base for an aesthetically pleasing look
-One touch operation easy to use, click on and it starts boiling water with no complicated programing required.

Available:, Wayfair, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond & More!

Starting at 10%

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