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Meet every toddler parent’s dream solution for congested, coughing kiddos! If your child struggles with congestion and can’t sleep because of a cough, Tum & Bum can alleviate their symptoms naturally and help them get the rest they need. Everyone in your home will sleep better, too!

Made for toddlers, this organic sleep aid’s simple, efficient design creates a slope to drain mucus and ease congestion. Tum & Bum’s comfortable, supportive surface promotes clearer breathing, less coughing, sniffling and sneezing. You’ll notice the difference and so will your kids!

Product Highlights:
- Puts toddlers in perfect alignment for combatting upper respiratory infections, persistent cough, allergies, and congestion.
- Made from latex-free, hypoallergenic, medical-grade 100% polypropylene.
- Cover with a towel and pillow before using
- Clean Tum & Bum’s surface with an antibacterial spray or wipe
- Grows with your child – use Tum & Bum as a supportive chair when your toddler gets older.
- For ages 2 and up
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