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Talking Hearts - Playful Game to Ignite Love and Laughter!

Talking Hearts


Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, finding time to connect with your partner becomes a challenge. That's where Talking Hearts comes in. Offering an escape from the ordinary and a gateway to extraordinary experiences.

- Explore your partner's heart with Talking Hearts™ Conversation Cards!
- With 200 questions, including 2 wild cards, delve into playful and thoughtful prompts for unforgettable moments.
- Perfect for any occasion, let sparks fly as you play and create lasting memories together.
- Take Talking Hearts™ on your adventures! Strengthen your bond while exploring the world one intriguing question at a time.
- Strengthen your relationship with heartfelt conversation, one card at a time.
- Dive into 'Conversa Quest' and watch your relationship flourish like never before!

Price: $15.99
Available on Amazon with Prime Shipping:

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