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Puffer Hug Dogs: Keep Your Pup Comfy & Warm

Puffer Hug


This cozy dog scarf with a detachable strap adds extra warmth and cuteness to your favorite furry companion this winter. Just like us, dogs love hugs too!

Released in October 2022, the newest “HUG” was created especially for our four-legged best friends. In an inaugural color of red (matching the highly popular adult Puffer Hug color), Puffer Hug- Dogs provides warmth and – most importantly – symbolizes a bundle of puppy love for the canines in our lives.

Puffer Hug – Dogs Quick Highlights :
- Available in large & small sizes
- Detachable leather strap to fit around dog’s neck
- Made with 100% Nylon & vegan leather
- Includes decorative pockets
- Puffer Hug donates 15% of online sales toward children’s mental health programs all over the country
- Human Puffer Hugs available too!

$19.99 - Available at

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