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Plantmade: Grow, Restore, and Rejuvenate Your Hair



Discover the difference real, 100% vegan, plant-derived ingredients can have on your hair and beard with the haircare products from Plantmade.

This wellness brand focuses on natural oils, clays, extracts, and more to help you do everything from cleanse and condition to mend and repair to reactivate those “sleeping” follicles. These products are genderless and ageless – they’re for everyone!

Your 5-step routine to healthier, happier hair awaits with:
1. Rain Growth Shampoo Bar - This gentle bar is perfect for daily or weekly washes where it will help get rid of toxins, dirt, and dandruff.
2. Dew Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Bar - Detangle and strengthen your hair while adding that oh-so-touchable feel and shine.
3. Drizzle Hydrating Mist - Give your hair a boost of moisture for better hair growth with this blend of botanical oils.
4. Soil Souffle - The hand-whipped butters and herbs in this rich mask add volume and density.
5. Inches Hair & Beard Oil - Use weekly as a hot oil scalp treatment to kickstart regrowth and repair damaged strands.

Not sure where to start? Take their quiz to find your perfect products!

Starting at $26 - Learn more at

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