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Odor Protection Spray for You & Your Gear



Fight back against unwanted odors naturally with SWIFF - a chemical-free deodorant replacement that’ll keep everything smelling fresh from your shirts’ armpits to your tennis shoes to your dog blanket.

This unique blend of antibacterial silver and organic plant antioxidant beats the stink before it can get started.

-Odorless, colorless, and stain-free
-Free from chemicals, PFAS, parabens, and propellants
-No aluminum or nanoparticles
-Organic, vegan, and cruelty-free
-Pet and Kid safe
-Stink stays away for at least FIVE washes, and potentially up to 50!
-Fits in your hand and easy to take on the go
-Made in America!

Keep this compact spray bottle ready in your car, gym bag, carry-on, or office desk and go stink free when needed!

$29.99 - Available on:

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