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Lunatec Gear: The True Innovators of Cleanliness

Lunatec Gear


Lunatec Gear offers 3 amazing products that will make cleaning up a breeze! From odor-free dishcloths to self-cleaning washcloths, you can confidently clean up messes and tackle grime on-the-go and at home.

-- Odor-Free Dishcloth: Not your typical dishcloth! Stays fresh without regular machine washing, dry quickly, and scrub hard. These dry within 10-15 minutes preventing the growth of bacteria. This item has 6,000+ reviews on Amazon!
-- Self-cleaning Washcloths: Ranked #1 on Amazon for travel, these offer a refreshing exfoliation for sunblock, sweat, and daily grime for true rejuvenation.
-- Hydration Spray Bottles: Achieve refreshing cleansing, cooling, and hydration with these BPA-free bottles, meticulously engineered for maximum versatility. They offer the convenience of portable running water and provide mist, stream, and shower options to cater to your needs.

Lunatec Gear Highlights:
-- Ideal for camping, travel, the beach, athletics, pets, and more
-- Dishcloths dry in about 10-15 minutes preventing the growth of bacteria
-- Stays odor-free
-- 100% Nylon
-- Bottle is BPA free

To learn more about Lunatec Gear’s innovative products, please visit
Starting at $8.50

Amazon (with 6,000 reviews!)

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