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Draft Top: What Every Drink Garnish Lover Needs!

Draft Top


With just a twist, you can turn any can into the perfect, smooth sided cup that’s instantly ready for your dreamiest toppings. From fluffy marshmallows to whipped cream in your coffee to a burst of citrus in your bubbles, Draft Top is making it easier to make it through the day and those late nighters without compromising on your beverage experience.

Draft Top Highlights:

- Transforms aluminum beverage cans into cups in an instant!
- Leaves the edge incredibly smooth
- Makes it easy to add fun garnishes
- Whip up mixed drinks without dirtying a cup
- Easy to use anywhere
- Lets the drink breath giving a significantly different tasting experience
- Compact enough to fit in a pocket or pack
- AmeriCAN made!

And don’t forget, Draft Top is the perfect way to top off your day! Dress up your favorite canned beers, seltzers, or wines in their best festive garnishes and get ready to unwind in style.

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