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Claritag - Say Goodbye to Skin Tags from Home!



Claritag is an innovative and FDA-cleared skin tag removal device that safely and effectively removes skin tags from the comfort of your own home with minimal discomfort.
Skin tags are annoying! They can rub against clothing or get caught on jewelry, and then they can get really irritated and inflamed. Experience professional results in the comfort of your home and embrace clear, tag-free skin with Claritag!

- Offers a streamlined treatment process that shows results in just over a minute!
- User-friendly design comes ready to use
- Dermatologist approved!
- Utilizes cryo-freeze technology and delivers professional-grade results
- Offers up to 10 treatment cycles
- The skin tag will fall off naturally within 7-14 days. Most skin tags fall off within 10 days. During this time, new healthy skin will form beneath the treated area.

Starting at $49.95 - learn more at
Also available on Amazon

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