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Buddha Board Mini: Portable Stress-Relief Tool for All Ages!

Buddha Board


A portable stress relief tool that has all your travel plans covered!

Keep your mind centered when the stress of planning and traveling strike with the help of the ultra-compact Buddha Board Mini!

The Buddha Board Mini is a fun on-the-go option for practicing the art of mindfulness. Getting lost in the painting process can help with calming those flying jitters, de-stressing after a busy day of sightseeing, or as a way to keep the kids busy screen free.

Buddha Board Mini Highlights:
-Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic
-Quick to set up
-Fold closed for streamlined carrying
-"Painting" with water is truly MESS FREE
-No ink, paint, or chemicals
-Encourages mindfulness
-Doesn’t add to your digital footprint
-Taps into your creative side
-Fun for all ages
-Helps kids explore the creative process judgment free
-Perfect for relieving stress at home, in the office, or when traveling

Simply flip it open and start painting while waiting in airport lounges, spending endless hours in the car, or unpacking your day at the hotel.

$17.95 for the Mini Buddha Board - To learn more visit

Also available on Amazon ---
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