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Buddha Board: Screen-Free Mindfulness Tool

Buddha Board


The key to a more balanced life begins wherever you are, with the help of Buddha Board. This screen-free mindfulness tool is here to ease your mental caseload through the soothing act of painting with water. As you become centered in the moment you’ll feel the tension drop away, your mind clear, and your inner positivity start to make a comeback.

-Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic
-Reusable & doesn’t add to your digital footprint
-Quick to set up
-Mini fold closed - makes it easy for travel!
-"Painting" with water is truly MESS FREE
-No ink, paint, or chemicals
-Encourages mindfulness & taps into your creative side
-Fun for all ages
-Helps you explore the creative process judgment free
-Perfect for relieving stress at home, in the office, or when traveling

Find your quiet in a sea of content with the Buddha Board!

$37.95 for the Original
$17.95 for the Mini

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