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BLITHE: Simplify Your Skincare Routine!

BLITHE Cosmetics


Simplify Your Skincare Routine with 2 Premium Products from BLITHE:

Could your shelf rival a Sephora counter? Is your skincare routine getting a bit out of hand?

Embrace your inner minimalist while streamlining your beauty routine with Blithe Cosmetics!

With just 2 products, their Vital Treatment and Pressed Serum, you can enjoy all of the skin hydrating and anti-aging perks of your typical essences, toners, serums, eye creams, and moisturizers.

Vital Treatment Highlights:
-- Incredibly hydrating
-- Contains 45-80% natural root, seed, and bean extracts to strengthen the skin foundation
-- No sticky residue
-- Available in multiple formulations to fit your skin type:
-- 5 Energy Roots - For dry, weak, and blemished skin
-- 6 Calming Leaves - For sensitive, oily, and irritated red skin
-- 8 Nourishing Beans - For rough and visibly aged skin
-- 9 Essential Seeds - For dull skin with dark spots

Pressed Serum Highlights:
-- Combines the benefits of a serum with a moisturizer
-- Contains highly concentrated natural ingredients
-- Absorbs quickly and deeply
-- 120-hour fermentation of olive and argan oils maintains the nutrients while increasing hydration and giving it its unique texture
-- Available in four formulations to target your skin concerns:
-- Tundra Chaga - For anti-aging, firming, wrinkles, and hydration
-- Gold Apricot - For a revitalizing glow, brighter skin tone, hydration, and anti-aging
-- Crystal Iceplant - For treating blemishes, calming, minimizing pores, hydration, and oil control
-- Velvet Yam - For instant, enriched hydration

Skip the endless application steps and take a shortcut to your best skin yet with Blithe Cosmetics.

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