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bearback: Innovative Back Scratcher



Find your bliss when you need to scratch that itch with the most innovative back scratcher you’ve ever seen from bearback!

The bearback Scratcher for Back & Body is crafted with dozens of flexible bristles that are tough on itches but gentle on bare skin.

-Built with a non-slip grip
-Makes it easy to access those hard to reach places
-Gentle on skin
-Use on backs, legs–anywhere!
-Ergonomic curve provides the perfect amount of pressure
-Foldable design is made for travel and easy storage
-Extends to 17” from 9.5”
-Interchangeable design with 4 attachments for all self-care needs
-Great gift idea for Father’s Day!

$22.97 for the bearback Scratcher, $8.97 for additional attachments - Available on:

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