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Spruce Up Your Home!

Our house is our home and sometimes we want to spruce it up! Check out these amazing products to elevate your space or make it cleaner, nicer, or more efficient!


Spruce up your home with SnapPower’s automatic LED night lights. Adding some fresh touches to your home doesn’t have to be a hassle or an expensive endeavor!

  • GuideLight: For outlets. Includes a Softly Diffused Light Bar for an elegant, beautiful pathway light.

  • MotionLight: For outlets. With motion detection technology, LED lights turn on when you need them, and they turn off when you don't.

  • SafeLight: For outlets. The SafeLight safely transforms your outlet into a child-friendly night-light with self-closing sliding outlet covers.

  • SwitchLight: For light switches. With adjustable light settings you can use the SwitchLight for a simple night light, or dim the light as a way to find your light switches at night.

Price: Starting at $23.99

Available: & Amazon

Banana Phone

Ready to add the best addition to your home? Check out the multi-functional, Bluetooth enabled banana below! YES → you can use this gadget to talk on the phone, listen to music and, well, get some laughs and smiles!

  • 60 ft Bluetooth range

  • Make phone calls or play your favorite music

  • 20 hour talk time

  • 120 hour Idle time

  • Connects to iPhone and Android via Bluetooth

  • Rechargeable via micro USB (cable included)

  • 2% of all revenue is donated to Gearing Up for Gorillas to support Gorilla Conservation in the democratic Republic of the Congo while working with 1% for the Planet

Price: $39.99

Available: & Amazon

Coppermill Kitchen Mugs

Spruce up your home by adding beautiful mugs to your house by Coppermill Kitchen !

  • Newly redesigned and meticulously hand crafted with quality and luxury in mind

  • Made with a very heavy gauge of copper, a simple and classic hammered finish, pristine tin interior lining, and a brass hand-shaved vintage-inspired handle designed by us

  • Sold as a Set of 4 or Set of 8

  • Made of Copper & Brass

Price: $175.00

Available at:, Amazon, Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Foods52, & Bergdorf Goodman.

Pull Start Fire

For any backyard bonfire or night under the stars keep Pull Start Fire close by !

  • Add wood, pull the string, and let the flames begin!

  • NO matches, lighters, or kindling needed

  • Windproof and rainproof

  • Lights wet wood

  • Safe to cook over

Price: $19.99 for a 3 pack

Available:, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Camping World


StoveShelf is sure to be a genius gadget to help save cabinet space and make cooking easier with its storage rack!

  • Transforms the back of your stove into a storage rack

  • Keeps condiments, spices, oils, or decor at the ready

  • Installs in seconds

  • Built-in backstop keeps items from falling

  • No drills, no holes, no screws, and no glues

  • Choose from food-grade stainless steel or black or white powder-coated finishes

  • Available in 3 sizes: 20”, 24”, and 30”


Available: & Amazon

Cosy House Collection

Make a cleaner, neater home with Cosy House !

  • Choose from Sheets, Pillows, Pillowcases, Bedding, & Home & Bath items

  • Affordable luxury, delivered daily

  • Treat yourself or a loved with quality household items without breaking the bank

  • Make for a perfect gift idea for holidays

Price: Starting at $22.95


Crisbi - Charcuterie/Cheese Board

A great addition to the home! Cribs’s Charctureie board perfect for entertaining !

  • The knife fits conveniently in grooves between the two sections

  • Turn it upside down for the perfect cutting board!

  • Classic design focuses on the natural element of the wood

  • Made from environmentally friendly Acacia wood

  • Cleans up easily by wiping with a damp cloth

  • Made from environmentally-friendly Acacia wood

Price: $39.95


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