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Relax & Rejuvenate!

Stress is a normal part of life, but sometimes it gets to be too much. Whether it's the overwhelming tasks to get done or something else, these 8 products will help you to relax and rejuvenate! Take a deep breath! There are plenty of products you can invest in for a little extra self-care that will help you de-stress and be a bit more zen.


Destress and unwind with Brrn Bundle workout! Slide your worries away!

  • 5-6ft adjustable board

  • Improve your balance, mobility, and endurance & minimize joint stress

  • Works on all surfaces

  • Offers on-demand video library of workouts

Price: Starting at $299

Available: & Amazon


Use the times in your day when you aren’t doing anything to regulate and destress your b

  • Calms the fight, flight, or freeze response

  • Tested to improve heart rate variability

  • Conditions the body to self-regulate and manage future stresses

  • No effort, training or experience needed

  • As few as 10 minutes per daily session

Price: $249

Available: & Amazon


Step into a relaxing oasis in your shower with Cleverfy Shower Steamers!

  • For when you take your daily showers, add these shower steamers to the mix for an authentic aromatherapy experience

  • Imbued with pure essential oils

  • Helps ease stress and anxiety

  • Boosts feelings of relaxation

  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Price: Starting at $15.99

Available: Clever Beauty Amazon Store

DNA Vibe

After a long day relax your body with DNA Vibe to help relieve the muscle tension!

  • DNA Vibe is here to help with your daily aches and pains with DNA Vibe’s revolutionary Jazz Band!

  • This is the first affordable direct to consumer device to harness intelligent light therapy for pain relief.

  • Light therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses safe levels of red light, near infrared light, and magnetic signals for relieving muscle and joint discomfort, improving circulation, and promoting muscle relaxation.

Price: $249

Available on

J&L Naturals Self Care Kit

Rejuvenate your skin barrier with the help of J&L Naturals’ Self Care Kit!

  • Cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture!

  • Konjac sponge gently exfoliates for a natural glow

  • Face salve moisturizes, prevent blackouts, and nourishes with vitamins

  • Face mask helps balance and absorb excess oil

  • Lip balm helps heal chapped lips

  • Planet-friendly

Price: $47.59


Bearback Lotion Roller

After a nice relaxing shower shower give the skin hydration with the lotion applicator from bareback !

  • Makes it easy to apply lotion on backs, legs–anywhere!

  • Built with a non-slip grip

  • Ergonomic curve provides the perfect amount of pressure

  • Comes with 2 washable and reusable foam rollers

Price: Starting at $24.97

Available:, Amazon & Walmart

Mouth Watchers' Flossing Toothbrush

Brush away plaque and food with Mouthwatchers !!

  • Antimicrobial brushes that give you that fresh from the dentist feeling

  • Each bristle is infused with silver, which naturally eliminates 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi

  • Flossing bristles reach deep into grooves, under the gumline, and between teeth to break up plaque and brush away food residue

  • Developed by a renowned dentist

Price: Starting at $4.99

Available:, Amazon, Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market

Honeydew Sleep

Climb into bed and relax with Honeydew Sleep Pillows and/or sheets!

  • Scrumptious Side Sleeper - The ultimate pillow for side sleepers has arrived with the perfect shoulder cutout to help keep your neck and spine aligned, and adjustable loft for a custom fit.

  • Body by Honeydew - One part hug and one part pillow, you’ll reap the benefits of deeper relaxation, sounder sleep, and proper body alignment while getting your cuddle on.

  • Honeydew Sheets - Tuck yourself into bliss with these incredibly soft and breathable organic bamboo sheets. Their cool-to-the-touch feel is perfect for those hot Summer nights!

Price: $99

Available: & Amazon

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