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Recent Features Secured on Today Show, BuzzFeed, & Boston Globe

Our client Pull Start Fire is an amazing instant fire starter that will start a beautiful fire in seconds in any weather condition (even in rain, snow, & wind)! They have recently been featured on, BuzzFeed, & The Boston Globe which goes to show just how amazing this product is! Check out the features below.

Today Show:

The Today Show recently did a segment and web article on outdoor entertaining must-haves for this fall. Check out the feature:

You can see the full segment and web article HERE!


BuzzFeed did a piece on the 25 things you will want for your next camping trip and of course they included Pull Start Fire! This is an absolute must-have for your next camping trip. Check out the feature:

Check out the full article HERE!

The Boston Globe:

The Boston Globe recently featured Pull Start Fire, both in online and print, as a great product to have this fall. Whether that be for your camping trip or backyard bonfire, this is a must-have product for your outdoor fall activities.

Check out the online feature:

& the print version:

Check out the full online article HERE!

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