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Lifestyle expert Susana spoke with Telemundo discussing several of our clients!

Lifestyle expert Susana joined Telemundo to share some technology that will make your life easier in 2022! We secured multiple clients on this segment including Sensate, Banana Phone, DNA Vibe, Aletha Health's Nuckle, VAVA, and Buddha Board! More Info Below.

Check out the whole video here!


Sensate is the first portable, palm-sized device designed to help you naturally regulate your stress responses and creates synchrony, or coherence, between the three ‘brains’ of the head, heart and gut. By using sonic frequencies to tone and soothe your nervous system, it teaches your body to relax in as few as 10 minutes a day and simply be more yourself.When was the last time you gave your undivided attention to taking deep, calming breaths, for even sixty seconds? What should be an effortless task is immediately challenged by our racing thoughts, but Sensate makes everything easy by using bone conduction to bring its comforting resonance into the chest. This focus on the mind/body connection brings us out of ‘fight, flight, freeze’ mode and into ‘rest and digest’ where we can come back into balance.

  • Sensate has developed a palm-size stress-busting wearable and audio app, which uses infrasonic sound waves to send resonant frequencies through the body

  • An immersive experience: app includes soundscapes that are synchronised to the frequencies the Sensate device emits

  • Sensate is placed on the chest and targets the nervous system, especially the vagus nerve, to facilitate relaxation and improved resilience to stress

Price: $249


Banana Phone

Go Bananas for this phone accessory! The Banana Phone is your go to banana shaped, bluetooth enabled mobile handset and speaker that connects to any smartphone. You can use it to call friends and family, talk to Siri, and even listen to music- all from a banana! Win your white elephant, secret/dirty santa, or work gift exchange with a Banana Phone in sleek gift packaging. Not only is Banana Phone hilarious, it supports a great cause. Banana Phone donates 2% of all revenue to support Gorilla Conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • Bluetooth connection to iPhone and Android phones

  • 60 ft bluetooth range

  • Make phone calls on a Banana or play your favorite music

  • Rechargeable via micro USB (cable included)

  • 20 hour talk time

  • 120 hour Idle time

  • Donate 2% of all revenue to support Gorilla Conservation in the democratic Republic of the Congo / Gearing Up for Gorillas

Price: $49.99 Site:

DNA Vibe

Do you find yourself pushing through the pain in your workouts a little too often? Are you tired of taking NSAIDs to make it through your day? Instead of covering up your pain, solve it with The Jazz Band by DNA Vibe. The Jazz Band is finally putting the healing benefits of intelligent light therapy into the hands of the people. Featuring a wearable wrap design and four therapeutic light modes, you can target your pain to reduce inflammation, speed your recovery, and improve your performance whether you’re chasing after the kids, making field goals, or getting in that last rep.

• Made in the USA!

• Improves blood flow and oxygenation

• Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and pressure

• Enhances cellular energy to accelerate recovery

• Can be used on ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, necks, backs, and more!

• Flexible design keeps the light where it’s needed most

• Four proprietary modes: red light, near-infrared, magnetic, and micro-vibration

• Equipped with a battery pack, car charging outlet, and traditional plug

• Ships FREE within the US

Price: $249


Aletha Health's Nuckle

Whether you hit your workout a little too hard or just woke up with kinks in your neck, a headache, or tight shoulders, the NUCKLE is here for relief: keeping your neck and shoulders relaxed, upright, and pain-free! Designed by a physical therapist, the NUCKLE is a breakthrough tool designed to relax and realign your upper body and neck so you can regain your full range of motion The NUCKLE is the only tool designed by physical therapist Christine Koth to target those small muscles at the base of your skull to release, relax, and realign the neck and shoulders. It can help with migraines, jaw pain, & more!

Designed to release trigger points contributing to tension headaches and migraines

  • Releases tension in the chest muscles responsible for poor posture and tech neck

  • Delivers targeted pressure using your body weight

  • Helps relieve rounded shoulders, hunched backs, neck stiffness, tension headaches, jaw pain, tight shoulders, and migraines

  • Built with three tips at varying widths and six angles to reach every spot

  • Takes just 30-90 seconds of pressure to relax each muscle!

Price: $99



From the next generation of dash cam tech to cutting edge baby monitors, the future of personal security is here and it’s name is VAVA. VAVA is a home technology brand on a mission to simplify modern life with high quality, smart living products that help you feel safe and in control. They have Dash Cams, Web Cams, Video Baby Monitors, Smart Baby Thermometer, more! Sleep easier knowing you’ve got the family covered with the help of VAVA.

  • NEW 2k Webcam easy to install webcam will deliver high resolution, auto low-light correction, noise-filtering dual mics, with precision autofocus

  • 2K Dual Dash Cam - Protect your car from theft, enjoy clear video playback, and snap a quick pic of your favorite road trip crew h this camera that films both your interior and the road

  • Smart Baby Thermometer - Get real time temperature readings, fever alerts, and 24 hour monitoring when your little ones are sick for greater peace of mind

  • Baby Monitor with Split Screen - Stop juggling multiple devices and start seeing double with this easy to set up monitor that lets you view 2 live video feeds at once.

Price: Starting at $69.99


Buddha Board

Stay entertained mindfully with Buddha Board! Allowing Zen for your mind, Buddha Board is a great way to enjoy the here and now! All you need is water to create a mind soothing masterpiece and then watch as it fades like the retreating tide into the sea!

• Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic

• Reusable

• Quick to set up

• Creating is truly MESS FREE

• No ink, paint, or chemicals

• Encourages mindfulness

• Doesn’t add to your digital footprint

• Taps into your creative side

• Fun for all ages

• Helps kids explore the creative process judgement free

• Perfect for relieving stress at home, in the office, or when traveling

Price: $34.95

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