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Give the best gifts for the Home!

Be able to get gifts for everyone this holiday season with amazing gifts for the home! Our homes are the place we come back to everyday so let's have the best in them to make our places feel like home! Check out these incredible household gifts to add to your home or gift to a loved one !

Some products have Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals listed !

Tea + Linen

Starting at $4, available at

Tea + Linen is a homewares company inspired by global patterns and textures designed right here in the United States. Their items are ethically sourced and artfully curated to have your home looking stylish! Tea + Linens has beautiful products for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, & even your patio! If you’re planning on hosting any festive gatherings this holiday season, Tea + Linen is the place to go!

Black Friday: Spend up to $100 get 10% off/Spend over $250 get 25% off

Moon Babe Blankets

$88, available at

Mom owned and operated, Moon Babe Blankets believe that objects carry their own energy and life, so these blankets are born to have true purpose from the very beginning. They are crafted with the intention to conjure up positive vibes and encourage mindfulness for both mom and babies. These blankets will help ward off bad juju & repel nightmares for the kids, while bringing peace and good energy to the moms.

Black Friday Deal: 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY

VAVA | Baby Thermometer

$79.99, available at

& Amazon

Smart Baby Thermometer - Get real time temperature readings, fever alerts, and 24 hour monitoring when your little ones are sick for greater peace of mind.

VAVA - Webcam

$149.99, available at & Amazon

Whether it’s gathering with friends/family, work, or school virtually, the NEW 2k Webcam from VAVA is the perfect gift for your loved ones! Its convenient plug-and-play design features full HD resolution, top of the line noise-filtering mics, precision autofocus, and a 360° head so you can get the job done while looking your best.

Black Friday: $600 off all projectors and 20% off rest of products

Puzzle Sensei

$25, Available at

Puzzle Sensei is on a mission to inspire curiosity and celebrate diversity through food themed, jigsaw puzzles. Combine food, fun and culture with their innovative jigsaw puzzles that feature original illustrations of popular Asian dishes, fun facts and bonus recipes for a unique puzzle experience! These distinctive puzzles celebrate cultural diversity by sharing the company’s passion for food through art and trivia. A portion of all profits are donated to organizations who work towards fighting food insecurity.

Black Friday: 25% off

Uber Appliance Portable Mini Fridge

$60, Available at & Amazon

The Uber Chill Portable Mini Fridge from Uber Appliance is great for your home, bathroom, home gym, office, mancave, garage or even on the go with the built in handle and 12v car plug. It’s also light and portable - great for long road trips and camping! The The fridge is compact yet roomy - it fits up to 6 cans! The mini fridge can be used at work to store healthy snacks & drinks, store natural makeup products, on your next camping trip, & so much more!

Uber Appliance Air Fryer

Starting at $90, Available at & Amazon

The newly released model of the Uber Air Fryer is the perfect gift this holiday season! The Uber Air Fryer has a large 5qt capacity basket with 8 pre-set cooking modes including a mode that dehydrates food & makes it extra crispy. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher friendly! With your Uber Air Fryer you can cook healthy home crafted meals! Comes with Uber Appliances’ favorite quick & easy recipes.

Uber Appliance Sorbet Maker

$69.99, Available at & Amazon

A fun and easy activity to do at home is make your own sorbet & ice cream with the Uber Appliance Sorbet Maker! With this amazing sorbet maker and ice cream machine, you can create delicious and healthy frozen treats for the whole family. This product works by feeding frozen fruit or other tasty treats into the chute which quickly blends it into a delicious dessert without all the extra calories! Healthy has never been so delicious!

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