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Get Your Groove Back!

With it being back to school season we might have to be readjusting to a new routine! Feel like you got your groove back with a little help from some incredible products!

Anne Cate

While on getting your groove back into a routine feel prepared with Anne Cate! Skyline Mini Wallet Emergency Kit has exactly what you need to combat everything from bad breath to the missing button on your shirt.

  • Chic and discreet bag features your favorite skyline

  • Packed with 12 essentials, including bandaids, floss, earring backs, pain relief medicine, mints, and more!

  • Keep one stashed in your purse, diaper bag, glove compartment, or locker

Price: Starting at $39



Get moving and grooving into a fitness routine with Brrrn!

  • 5-6ft adjustable board

  • Improve your balance, mobility, and endurance & minimize joint stress

  • Works on all surfaces

  • Offers on-demand video library of workouts

Price: Starting at $299

Available: & Amazon

Mouth Watchers

Have a routine to keep you groovin ! Make Mouthwatchers a part of your health regime !

  • Silver-infused bristles naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your toothbrush within 6 hours after use!

  • Provides long-lasting fresh breath

  • 100% of toothpaste ingredients are sourced from natural origins

Price: Starting at $4.99

Available:, Amazon, Sprouts Farmers Market, Wholefoods Market

J&L Naturals' Self Care Kit

Get your skin care groove in place with J&L Naturals!

  • Cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture!

  • Konjac sponge gently exfoliates for a natural glow

  • Face salve moisturizes, prevent blackouts, and nourishes with vitamins

  • Face mask helps balance and absorb excess oil

  • Lip balm helps heal chapped lips

  • Planet-friendly

Price: $47.59


Cleverfy Shower Steamers

The simple pleasure of a good routine ! Immerse yourself into an amazing shower with Cleverly !

  • For when you take your daily showers, add these shower steamers to the mix for an authentic aromatherapy experience

  • Imbued with pure essential oils

  • Helps ease stress and anxiety

  • Boosts feelings of relaxation

  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Price: Starting at $15.99

Available: Clever Beauty Amazon Store

PatPat - GoNeat Collection

Get in your groove by saving time on laundry days! With PatPat app's revolutionary Go-Neat collection and the last sale of the season!

Their NEW eco-friendly techwear line features cute tees, shorts, onesies, and more made with a stain and water-resistant fabric.

  • Fun Family Matching Tees - Afterschool family fun? Once you have kids, it’s inevitable you’ll be in the splash zone. Always look your best when you’re together with this matching set!

  • Unicorn Print Tee - There’s no need to fear white-colored clothes now that you can stop stains in their tracks!

  • Solid White T-Shirt - perfect for uniform wear and PE or recess wear

Price: Starting at $39

Available: & Walmart

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