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FOX Carolina: Summer Must-Haves! 🌞

#EverythingKelly joined the folks at FOX Carolina to talk all about summer must-haves ranging from outdoor products, skincare essentials, and party games!

Check out more info on these products below! :)

J & L Naturals

Take care of yourself this summer by using J&L Naturals zero waste personal care kit! J&L Naturals is based in North Carolina and offers a more sustainable way to shop with earth-friendly formulas specially crafted using nature's finest oils, butters, and clays. Choose from face salves, bamboo toothbrush, cleansers, konjac sponge, shampoo bar, hair serum, aluminum free deodorant, beard oil, biodegradable floss, bamboo cotton buds, lip balm and more. Skip the chemicals and turn your routine into a ritual with their full complexion transforming kit!

Exceptional Skin Regimen Kit Highlights:

- Cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture!

- Konjac sponge gently exfoliates for a natural glow

- Face salve moisturizes, prevent blackouts, and nourishes with vitamins

- Face mask helps balance and absorb excess oil

- Lip balm helps heal chapped lips

- Planet-friendly

- Packaged with zero-waste containers

- Chemical-free

- Choose from 5 formulations to fit your skincare needs

- Balance - Helps with oily combination skin

- Calm - For sensitive, acne-prone skin

- Hydrate - Combats dry, flaky skin

- Timeless - For mature, aging skin

- Shine - Reveals glowing, radiant skin

Price: $51.99


Furbo 360° Dog Camera

From long days at the office to weekends away, staying connected with your pup has never been easier than with the new and improved Furbo 360° Dog Camera!! Furbo, Amazon's best-selling smart dog camera, has been upgraded with crystal clear HD 4x vision, giving users a 360° view, Auto Dog Tracking, 2-Way Talk and more smart features so you can ensure they’re happy and healthy when you’re away.

Furbo 360° Highlights:

  • NEW App-controlled rotation ensures users get a 360° view, no more blind spots!

  • NEW Auto Dog Tracking rotates to follow your pup

  • NEW Color Night Vision gives you the details in the dark and color images in low light

  • Barking sensor AI keeps you informed of barking

  • Fun treat tossing with the swipe of your finger

  • Ease their separation anxiety using Realtime 2-Way Talk

  • Smart Alerts keep you updated on activity 24/7

  • 1080p HD for crisp picture quality day and night


Skip the mundane small talk this summer, and inspire some fun conversion with new and old friends alike with the fun questions and conversation starters from TableTopics!

These playful decks of questions, quotes, and tips are designed to inspire deeper conversations.

  • Card poses a different question that helps you create the perfect mix of conversation

  • 4" x 4" x 4" acrylic cube

  • Themed Night conservation packages - Dinner Party, Best things Ever, Destinations, Pets & More!

  • Different age groups & categories

  • Travel Size Options

  • Available also as Placemats

Price: Starting at $9


Puffer Hug

From early morning flights to thermostat wars in the office, even the summer has its chilly situations.Stay comfortable without lugging jackets or sweaters thanks to the Puffer Hug! Designed to deliver the feeling of a big warm hug, the Puffer Hug is a cozy wrap with space for your travel essentials. It’s an ideal gift or a pick-me-up for yourself!

  • Great for all travel, outdoor events, morning walks, chilly offices, & more

  • Durable puffer outside meets super soft fleece inside

  • Oversized pockets for your hands, phone, keys, & more

  • Wear it as a stylish scarf or draped under your outerwear

  • Packs down for easy travel

  • Available in adult and kid sizes

  • Monogramming available

  • Choose from 3 different colors: Black/Black, Gray/Yellow and Red/Gray

Price: Starting at $39.99



Backyard BBQ’s? Summer celebrations? Family dinner night? Have no fear! Cook up all your family meals this summer with Uber Appliances Air Fryer DELUXE! It comes with a 5 quart basket so you have enough room to air fry an entire chicken! The basket is also dishwasher safe, so forget the hassle of cleaning up after yourself. The Uber Air Fryer XL features an easy to use touch display for temperature and time setting with temperatures ranging from 150F to 400F, the digital display also has several pre-set cooking temperature and time to perfectly cook chicken, steak, fries, wings and so much more with a single press of a button.

  • Cooking temperature adjustable up to 400 degrees f for optimal hot air frying environment

  • Cook your favorite fried foods without all the oil. Oil less air fryers are proven to reduce 80% of fat from fried foods. Make your favorite foods without all the fats with one multi function counter top appliance

  • Many customers find the plastic odor from air fryers off-putting, so Uber listened. By pre-venting the plastic at the factory, it becomes an odorless air fryer. The only smell that comes from your air fryer will be the appetizing aroma of your foods

Price: $109.99



Meet sockshh! Perfect this summer for all of your outdoor adventures! Sockshh are beautifully designed, no-show socks from the inside and out. Whether you need a breath of peace, a boost of joy, some love, a pinch of strength, or a dash of confidence, our no-show socks are all about you.

  • : Intelligently-crafted socks, each with a unique scent

  • The no-show design ensures you’re the star of the show–not our socks

  • Crafted to stay up using a unique blend of materials and non-slip bands

  • Reinforced with extra cushioning in all the right places

  • Next-level material composition to ensure it fits like a dream, lasts long, feels awesome, and doesn't shrink or fade

  • Each color is paired with an emotion and unique scent

  • Match your color to your mood with five vibrant options:

    • Green - Strength

    • Blue - Peace

    • Yellow - Joy

    • Pink - Love

    • Black - Confidence

Price: Starting at $11.99



Use the Self Care bucket list this summer to live your best life and find simple and powerful ways to practice the kind of self love that goes deeper than a bubble bath. Think of it as the stress relief must-have you didn’t know you needed. Or, the Couple’s Bucket List makes a fun and affordable wedding or bridal shower gift that is sure to get the happy couple connecting on new levels.

  • The cards are broken up into 3 categories: Life, Love & Laughter

  • There are other versions of this bucket list including: The Dad’s Bucket List

  • Great way to start your self-love journey

  • Each pack contains 100 cards, and dividers to stay organized: To-do, Doing and Done


Price: $49.99


From summer stargazing to beach bonfires, stay comfortable outdoors without sacrificing your mobility with the Mozy Softshell! This lightweight layer is the perfect grab-and-go option for fending off those summertime chills around the fire pit, backyard BBQ, campsite or on the boat. Its sleek fabric keeps sand and wind out and stretches with you so you can run alongside your pup or stroll through the sand with your morning cup of joe.

  • Provides seamless, hands-free warmth

  • Easy to sit, stand, and move without tangling

  • Built with multifunctional pockets and carabiner clip to secure valuables

  • Breathable and lightweight

  • Water-resistant and sand repellent

  • Customizable with interchangeable patches

  • Best for 45℉ - 70℉ climates

  • Quick drying

  • Available in three sizes and color varieties

  • Machine washable for easy care

  • Made in USA

Price: $65


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