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CBS New York - Holiday Gift Ideas!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Kelly (#WheresEverythingKelly) joined CBS New York with Wake up Marci to share great last minute gift ideas! These incredible items are sure to make everyone happy on your holiday gift list!

Check out the segment below!

More information on these amazing products below!

Uber Appliance

The Uber Chill Portable Mini Fridge from Uber Appliance is the perfect product to put on your gift giving list this year! It’s great for your home, bathroom, home gym, office, mancave, garage or even on the go with the built in handle and 12v car plug. It’s also light and portable - great for long road trips and camping! The Uber Chill Portable Mini Fridge has a retro sleek design with a lockable handle, see-through window, and removable shelf. The fridge is compact yet roomy - it fits up to 6 cans! The mini fridge can be used at work to store healthy snacks & drinks, store natural make-up products, on your next camping trip, & so much more!

  • Retro Sleek design, lockable handle, see through window, and removable shelf

  • Heating and cooling functions to keep products warm & cool

  • Energy Efficient and environmentally friendly Thermoelectric Cooling at only 60 Watt.

  • Light and portable

  • Has a 12v car outlet plug

  • Compact yet roomy, fits up to 6 cans. Also available in XL that holds 12 cans.

  • Uber Appliance has other super cool products like air fryers & sorbet makers

Price: Starting at $60 Site:


Based out of Northern NJ and have been supplying quality meat and seafood to high restaurants in the Northeast for over 100 years.Products are shipped fresh and have never been frozen, because of craft butchers and fish cutters hand-cut each order on the same day that we ship the product. This allows you to get the freshest piece of meat or fish delivered to you as possible. By developing relationships with farms that value sustainable farming practices and produce high quality products. Every product offered is taste tested to ensure it meets the Chop Box Standard. Select individual items or build a box !

  • Juicy, All Natural Prime Rib Roast

  • Applewood Smoked Bacon for wrapping around appetizers

  • Center Cut Filet Mignon for those intimate celebrations

  • Brisket for Hanukkah/ Holiday Events!

  • Fresh Faroe Island Salmon

  • Day Boat Dry Sea Scallops

  • Gift Cards Available to send to loved ones this holiday season !

Price: Starting at $5.99 Site: available at

Moonlight Creations

Making your mindfulness and wellness a priority is key to staying productive this new year and to help with that, we’d like to introduce Moonlight Jewels Co.! Their crystal infused candles and crystal infused bath oils will leave you feeling rejuvenated and lifted going into the new year! Each of their products are made from the finest, high grade ingredients including natural soy wax and high quality fragrances that are free of parabens and phthalates.

  • Handmade crystal candles come with a keepsake crystal inside

  • Our crystal infused bath salts and bath oils are fit for a goddess and bring your bathing ritual to the next level

  • Custom or Personalized Orders Available

Price: Starting at $28.00 Site:

Oak & Reed

PROMO Code: CBS20 for 20% off sitewide

Oak and Reed is a fitness and lifestyle brand offering trend-forward products devoted to wellness and healthy living. Guided by a passion for improving personal wellness, our mission is to empower you to feel stronger and live better with products designed to support your physical and spiritual practices, as well as your personal style.Our collections are always evolving with the needs of our customers so we can continue to inspire and motivate you in your wellness journey, from yoga in the living room to exploring the world.

Ultra-chic details and high-performance materials

  • Innovative products for anyone on the move or anyone with athleisure goals

  • Yoga collection mats are designed to support your physical and spiritual practices

  • Collections include - yoga, training, recovery and accessories

Price: Starting at $12.99


Foxgloves are garden gloves designed to offer comfort, ease of use, versatility, and style — all in one.Foxgloves collection is made to be durable and breathable, designed to fit your hands, your tasks, and clean up like new after each use. Protexgloves limit exposure to irritants and allow the skin to breathe. They can aid in protecting against eczema and contact dermatitis and offer relief for scleroderma, arthritis and more. The eGloves collection is made with the finest synthetic materials to provide full conductivity on any touch screen. These gloves are lightweight and form fitting.

  • Lightweight, form fitting and cool

  • Durable and thin for a natural touch

  • Machine washable, fast drying

  • Available with and without grip

  • Variety of fun, vibrant colors

Price: Starting at $23


Odin Parker

Odin Parker is an online shop, featuring unique gender-neutral baby goods that babies will love and parents will appreciate! Odin Parker carry heirloom quality toys for the little ones. They have hand-selected a collection of toys and accessories from around the world for the little ones. Toys don't require any batteries and are designed to last through generations.

Gender neutral baby apparel, toys and accessories

  • Partnered with small mom and pop shops in Europe and around the world

  • Wooden Toys, Soft Toys, Educational Toys

  • Room Decor

  • Able to shop by age

Price: Starting at $23


​​Pit Liquors

Who knew whiskey and vodka could be so effective? Erica Feucht knew. After struggling to find a reliable natural deodorant, this Colorado-based CEO and her husband, Jason created the Pit Liquor brand using an uncompromising focus on 100% natural ingredients and sustainable sourcing and packaging. Today, they’ve grown the idea into a successful business that continues to find legions of fans across the country.Introducing Pit Liquor -- the first deodorant to use the powerful, bacteria killing properties of overproof whiskey and vodka. With Pit Liquor, you can be confident of lasting odor protection with no lingering booze smell ! Aromas solely crafted from ingredients like lavender and cloves steeped in their raw form

  • This innovative brand is Vegan, eco-friendly and confidence building

  • It’s whiskey and vodka base

  • The inventive scents are available as sprays or roll-ons in singles or bundles

  • Best Sellers Roll-On Bundle - This trio features Coconut Rum with Lime, Whiskey Black Pepper, and Whiskey Lavender

  • Whiskey Vanilla Spray - a sweet, warm scent

  • Unscented Spray Bundle – for those who prefer a fragrance-free deodorant

Price: Starting at $12.95 Site:

Pop Bag USA

Pop Bag was created in Italy and allows consumers to keep up with trends consciously because every piece of their handbag is interchangeable. After selecting handles and panels that reflect your favorite colors, textures, and finishes, your Pop Bag tote literally snaps together in an instant, giving you an outlet for self-expression. It is also brand new to the market, an opportunity to leverage exclusivity. Great for storage, as you could take your bag apart and store the panels flat in a drawer or closet. Also great for traveling — once people do that again as the panels can lay flat in your suitcase allowing you to take variations with you without the need to pack multiple bags!

  • Versatile handbag that can be customized for new seasons and trends

  • Italian leathers in vibrant colors and finishes

  • Multiples materials to choose from

  • Colors that suit your style

  • handbags are sold in 25 countries and in more than 100 multi-brand stores

  • 5% of all Pop Bag USA proceeds go to Bottomless Closet NYC

Price:Starting at $35

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